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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - Chapter 243

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Final Decisive Battle Part 4

I ate the mass of energy in my hand withSoul Consumption[1], then stealthily poured and isolated it into myImaginary Space.
It seemed that I had appeared as if I were aiming for the right timing, but obviously, I didn’t.
It was a coincidence.
Even though it might not appear so, I was actually busy with various things.


Since things inside the labyrinth had settled down, I thought that I would also be going to subjugate Velda, but…… For some reason, my energy wasn’t recovering. No, I felt that my energy had decreased rather than increase after the recovery.
I thought it would be risky to challenge Velda like that, so I decided to recover my energy first.
As there were a large number of angels in the sky, I decided to kill and eat them.
It could be said that Kumara had great timing as she returned with Transfer just at the right moment and so we commenced a simultaneous attack.
As the labyrinth army was superior, we were overwhelming in the fight.
Firstly, the subordinates of Kumara’s pets attacked all at once from the surroundings.
As a result, the angel army, which was aiming at the labyrinth’s entrance, fell into disorder and a big gap was made.
The labyrinth army sortied as if not to miss the timing.
After that it became a one-sided fight.
It seemed that it was difficult for the angels, who all united under one Will and turned into a powerful converging fort to deal with attacks from all directions.
The commander seemed to be quite capable, as the angels were shown to be able to denominate into corps and switch to intercepting incoming attacks, but the stumble at the beginning was fatal.
However, there is a problem before that, the differences in an individual’s fighting power was too large.
If I might say so myself, everyone from the labyrinth army was strong.
Among them, Kumara, the four dragon kings, Apito, Trainee-san and her sisters were extraordinary.

Kumara rampaged as if to relieve her stress.
She tore and cut the angels freely with slashing attacks using her tails, with the eight pets spread out to defend her. There was no such thing as letting the enemies live.

From what I saw, the dragon kings were in high spirit.
They used powerful breath and grand magic in their dragon form.

Not only with her individual’s fighting strength, but Apito also commanded her subordinates like her limbs and annihilated the enemies.
There was no other word except brilliant.
They trampled over the enemy with the momentum of one sting one kill through their perfect coordination.

Fused with various spirits, the dryad sisters were strengthened to former demon lord level.
And, the worst case was Trainee-san which had energy comparable to an awakened demon lord.
It seemed that Trainee-san had fused with a Spirit King.
She fired extreme magic with tremendous power in a rapid succession.

Just like that, in a short period of time, the outcome was clear to anyone.
I was also worried at first, but halfway through the fight, I watched while enjoying a cup of black tea.[2]
Well, after all….
No matter how you looked at it, our side’s fighting power was too excessive; any losing factors couldn’t be found.
As expected of the high-ranking war potentials stationed on the 70th floor and below inside the labyrinth. Because they usually couldn’t play an active role, their rampaging appearances when given the opportunity to do so was incredible.
While looking at their appearances, I absentmindedly ended up thinking that it might be impossible to capture the labyrinth even with an army of a large country’s size, but I will keep that was a secret.
Besides of their achievements of repelling the Empire Army, naturally, everyone had become stronger from that time, but……
Once things calmed down, it would be better for me to discuss the adjustment of the labyrinth difficulty.
No matter how you thought about it, it was very unlikely for humans to be able to capture it.
About the battle, when our victory was certain and only the enemy general was left ――

Ah, Mai-san……

So Shinji, who had become Ramiris’ subordinate, muttered.
It seemed the enemy’s commander was an acquaintance of his, I heard stories not just from Shinji but also from Mark and Zhen.
The name of the enemy’s commander was Furuki Mai.
She obviously had the energy of an awakened demon lord class and ruled over the angels. However, she was originally a bit stronger than the three of them.

Was she really just a bit stronger?

So I strongly asked them,

Er, umm…… a bit, no, quite……?
Well, I have never won against her, but…..
……She was absurdly strong.
Mai’s ability was the Unique SkillTraveller[3]. It’s an absurdly strong cheat ability that allows her to use teleportation[4] to places she had visited once. The combination of her skill and her long-range weapon was ruthless.

So, the three of them answered evasively.
It seemed that the trio had never won even when together.
From Shinji’s last explanation, it was very unlikely for normal people to win against that skill.
After all, even for me to do teleportation without time lag was impossible unless I combined several abilities.
It was natural that the trio couldn’t win.
She was an ordinary quiet girl and a high school student in Japan.
As one of Yuuki’s henchman, she had adored Yuuki before he became Velda.

She was very serious. Also, she seemed to believe in Yuuki’s words that he will finalize theRepatriation Spell[5].

I was told that she seemed to be worried about her younger brother that she had left on the other side and is constantly researching for a way to cross between worlds.
She was like that, but her Unique SkillTravellerwas restricted to this world and it seemed that she was unable to go to the other world.
However, if she combined her Unique SkillTravellerand Yuuki’sSummoner, it seemed that crossing to another world wouldn’t be just a dream.
She believed that and cooperated with Yuuki for all this time.
Once I understood that, Shinji opened his mouth as if to say something but then closed it.
Apparently, he had something he wanted to say.
“Hm?” So I thought and called him out.

What? Is there something you want to say?
Ah, well…… you see……

Was it something really hard for him to say? He stopped speaking halfway through.

Hey, that’s impossible as expected……
…… I also think that’s not good.

The other two stopped Shinji.
I didn’t know what he wanted to say, but I gradually became curious about it.

Ah, I’m sorry. Please forget about it――
Oh, geez! Can’t you just say it!!

Because Shinji was hesitating to say it and tried to swallow his words, I decided to forcibly get him to talk.
Then, what he wanted to say was simple.                     
It was “Please, I want you to save Furuki Mai”.
It seemed they were on good terms among Otherworlders because they came from the same country.

Sorry, it’s just my selfishness. I do understand that I’m asking for the impossible with it, but――

Shinji remorsefully apologized.
Well, I was the one who asked him though.

Wai, wait a moment, Shinji! Even Rimuru can’t do anything about it…… It will incite antipathy from everyone and he will not able to keep his dignity as a Demon Lord……

When her subordinate started to say something outrageous, Ramiris came panicking to mediate the matter.
Well, I wonder. I thought it wasn’t something to be flustered about to that extent.
After all, I was quite selfish myself.
But, we already knew that, right……

Hahaha, Ramiris-sama. Our loyalty will not waver by such a thing.
That’s right. In the first place, if we cared about such a thing, we would have massacred every hostile. However, that’s not the case, right? That lazy demon lord over there was an enemy we fought until just a little while ago.

Benimaru broad-mindedly denied Ramiris’ concern and Shuna affirmed Benimaru’s words while looking down at Dino with eyes as if she was looking at trash. (Ed. note: Shuna is scary!)
It seemed even Dino felt uncomfortable with that gaze so he stopped lying down on the sofa and seated himself on a chair. And then, he nonchalantly nodded.

Oh well, Rimuru wouldn’t mind about such a thing.

So, he tried to settle it with good vibes but got his head whacked with a tray by Shuna.
It kind of felt like: “You’re not someone who can say that.”, so he reaped what he sowed.

So, what will you do, Rimuru-sama? Should I order them not to kill her for the time being?

Benimaru asked me.
Shinji and his group looked with hopeful eyes at me.
There might be no need to discuss it since things had reached this point.
If they were my companions, then they would know my answer even if I didn’t say it.

Rest assured, Shinji. If she swears not to be hostile towards me, I will save her.
Yes. However, it’s only if she’s not hostile, okay?
If so, then no problem. Thank you very much!
「「Thank you very much!!」」

When I accepted the request, not only Shinji, but Mark and Zhen also said their gratitude.
I wished that they would have said it after I saved Mai.

As expected of Rimuru! That’s the spirit.

Ramiris smacked my back while smiling from ear to ear.
What a cheeky fellow.
So I made a promise without due consideration as usual and went outside of the labyrinth to stop Mai.


Well, now.
I left the rest of the things to Benimaru and flew towards the sky.
I ordered Diablo who was accompanying me to go ahead.

Kufufufu, leave it to me. I shall buy time until Rimuru-sama arrives!
Yea, I leave it to you. It seems that the heaven gate has been destroyed, but as expected those three wouldn’t be able to defeat Velda after all.
Looks like it, this presence is indeed frightening―― I will have to hurry a little.

Saying so, Diablo transferred and went ahead.
If it was the current Diablo, he would be able to buy some time until I arrived.
I was a bit worried, but I decided to leave it to him.
Either way, it was necessary to buy some more time.
Since my energy was still recovering, I had to absorb a large amount of energy from the defeated angels.
I thought that it would fine if I were to persuade Mai while absorbing the energy.
However, that thinking was naïve.
When I held up my hand and tried to absorb the energy withSoul Consumption, the energy quickly transferred and disappeared.
It seemed that the angels were set to return automatically to heaven when they got defeated.
Because it can’t be helped, I gave up on eating the angels and went towards Mai’s position.

Mai was actually strong.
Even though they were fighting as not to kill her as Benimaru instructed, it seemed that no one could touch her.
Trainee-san didn’t participate in the fight, but the dragon kings were no match against her.
That alone was incredible, but it was a surprise that even Apito was being toyed with by Mai.
As expected from someone who had masteredTeleportation.
Without losing her spirit even though the angels were annihilated, Mai calmly continued fighting.
She probably had an indomitable spirit. I could understand why Shinji and the others fell in love with her.
Although normally someone would fall into despair in a situation like that, she was still fighting while believing she could win.
Judging from what I saw so far, Teleportation was really troublesome.
Even though Apito was superior in terms of speed, Mai dodged all of Apito’s attacks.
I guess there was no chance of victory for Apito here.
However, Kumara would definitely win against Mai.
But, this time I would be her opponent.
If it was Kumara, she would win, but she would definitely end up killing Mai.

It has been a while, Rimuru-sama.

Kumara who noticed me came flying and behaved like a spoiled child.
She’s cute, but currently it wasn’t the time for it.

Kumara, go deal with the remnants of the angels.

Kumara obediently obeyed my order.
It seemed that she was able to relieve some stress with a bit of rampaging around.
Apito, who was fighting against Mai, also noticed my presence and stopped her fight to yield the fight to me.

My strength was still not enough. I wanted to neutralize her without troubling Rimuru-sama, but……

Apito frustratingly bowed.

Don’t worry about it. Even if you assess things just from an energy standpoint, your opponent has more than twice of yours. If you think of it that way, you’re incredible, you know.

I said so and comforted her.
Apito also joined Kumara, both of them left to deal with the remnants of the angels.
All that's left was for me to persuade Mai.


I and Mai faced each other.
Mai readied her bow and glared at me while breathing heavily.
“I see”, she was a beautiful girl.
Her aura was like Shuna’s.
She had a beautiful black hair like a Japanese doll[6] and sharp facial expression.
She retained her dignified appearance and posture even though fatigue should have accumulated.
Her posture was of a lovely, beautiful girl.
However, there were some points to be worried about.
The veins on her limbs were bulging and torn apart here and there making her bleed.

It seems that she incarnated as an angel with a still living body. She probably fused with a seraph without reconstructing her body. It seems her body has begun to collapse as it can’t withstand the energy.

Ciel answered my question.
There was a limit for a human’s living flesh to accept the tremendous amount of energy of a Spiritual life-form such as Demon and Angel. Not to mention, if it was with the highest ranking angel (Seraphim), they couldn’t endure it unless it was with an awakened and carefully trained body of God-man class[7].
If this girl named Furuki Mai was able to control the seraphim’s power while still in a living flesh―― I couldn’t help but to say that she has a tremendous willpower.

Nice to meet you, I am Rimuru.
――I see, it’s you. My name is Furuki Mai. I don’t have any grudge against you, but I will have you die for Yuuki-kun.
Yuuki is already gone, you know? He’s not Yuuki now, he should be calling himself as Velda, though?

Although her expression moved just for an instant to my question, Mai immediately regained her calmness.

It doesn’t matter, because I believe in Yuuki-kun. If I defeat you, I can do my research in peace. I have to go back home no matter what it takes. I know that this is for my own egoism, but still, I have to defeat you――

Saying so, Mai aimed her bow towards me without hesitation.
She should have realized the collapse of her limbs, but Mai stared at me without breaking her concentration even once.
She should have understood that she couldn’t win, but panic couldn’t be seen in her eyes.
“Remarkable”, so I honestly thought.
Mai was quite philosophical for her age.
For one purpose, she threw away all of her hesitations……
Perhaps, she just runs through the path she believes as her only option.

Although I’ve heard about it once, why do you want to go back?
Why, you ask? You ask something strange. Do you think I’m not worried about my family I left behind? Do you think we have to obediently obey orders even though we were summoned to this world without our permission? We’re not treated as a human being and only are seen as a weapon…… It won’t hurt my heart even if such a world was destroyed. I want to return home, that’s all.

The other Otherwolders quickly abandoned their homesickness, but Mai kept on holding onto it all this time without giving up.
If you think about it, that might be reasonable.
I gave up on it because I died, but that wasn’t the case for the summoned people.
Shinji and his group seemed to have given up easily, but that didn’t mean they had no regrets.
If they could go back, they wanted to go back, there’s probably a lot of people like that.
However, such magic didn’t exist and there was no precedent of it too.
Because every one of them could easily understand such reality, they just promptly gave up.
Mai didn’t give up because of her strong willpower, and she never lost hope because of her skill.
Therefore, I had no other choice but to inform her of the cruel truth.

That’s impossible for now. Even if someone can come from the other side to this side, a way to go from this side to the other side has not been found yet.
I know that! While that may be true, I can’t give up!! Besides, Yuuki-kun will surely find a way to go back. Therefore, I will not give up!

Mai shouted and fired an arrow
However, it was futile.
I erased the arrow and continued talking.

Like I said, Yuuki is gone, you know. Velda and Yuuki are different people. Besides……I think the one who summoned you is probably Yuuki too.

Mai’s movement stopped when she heard my words.
And then, she shook her as if she didn’t want to accept that.

Shut up! I’ll have to stop you from confusing me. Stardust Rain[8]!!

She flew up to the corner of my sight and fired her strongest technique while glaring at me.
However, it was futile.
Because any emission type techniques wouldn’t work on me after all.
I sucked all of the arrows intoImaginary Space.
Thus, that was the curtain call.

It, it can’t be――

Mai dropped her bow in despair.
At last, she noticed the overwhelming difference in strength between herself and me.

Listen, I don’t have any intention to kill you.
……Why……is that?
I was asked by Shinji and the others to save you. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t have bothered to go out because it’s cumbersome.
Could it be…..!? They were alive, Shinji-kun and the others――

It seemed Mai receive quite a shock when she heard my words.
Well actually, if I could show the difference in strength like this, she could understand that my words weren’t a lie.
There was no need for me to come out, as it was true that Kumara was stronger than Mai.

Besides, certainly that it’s impossible to cross over between the worlds. But, you see, that’s just for the time being.
In the future, depending on the research, it might be possible to find a passage to another world, don’t you think? “Souls are circulating back and forth, aren't they?” such is my partner (Ciel)’s reasoning, I think the possibility isn’t zero, you know?
Is that... true…..?
At least it will be more reliable than leaving it to Yuuki. You can research it yourself, after all.

When I stated so, Mai stared at me with eyes full of surprise.
Did she also receive a shock because I told her that she should do the research herself instead of leaving it to others?

…… Even so…… I... can’t go back anymore. I accepted this power, I ended up accepting it. I believed in the small possibility that I can warp with the tremendous amount of energy…… the result was a failure. My body is starting to collapse as it can’t endure the angel’s power. The only way left is to believe in Yuuki-kun――

Ahh, she noticed it, didn’t she?.
EvolvingTravellerwith the seraphim’s power she got and did a dimensional warp. That was probably Mai’s aim. However, she failed to acquire the ability to warp between dimensions and was left with the only way which was to believe in Yuuki.
Thus, she was someone who got deceived by Yuuki from the start.
That means……

Let me ask this just in case, did Yuuki say something like You may be able to go back, I think? There’s a possibility that your skill will evolve by fusing with an angel. However, the power is too strong and it might hurt you―― So, I don’t recommend it, but what will you do?to you? Also, don’t tell me that you are fighting right now to return the favor to Yuuki?

So, I said what I thought directly.
Mai’s reaction was dramatic; she opened her eyes wide and just stared at me without saying anything.
It seemed I hit the bullseye as that was probably similar to what Yuuki told her.

Hey, hey…… As I expected. That’s a trickster’s modus operandi, you know――

Offering an incredible offer and made the other party compliant to them, that was exactly an old trick used by a trickster.[9]
There was a catch behind the tempting offer and they wouldn’t encourage people to take the offer.
It looked like they were giving options to the other party, but the other party actually only had one option to take.
It was truly a shrewd trick.

Now that you mention it……
Well, I think those who got deceived are at fault. From now on, you’d better not just relying on someone but also properly try to confirm things with your own thinking.

I unintentionally ended up reprimanding Mai.
It had no persuasive power at all since that came from me who always leaves things to other people, but Mai didn’t know me well so she took my advice to heart.
Mai courageously held back her tears and frustratingly bit her lip.

I understand what you're saying. There seems to be no point for me to be hostile to you. Either way, there is no chance for me to win…… You could say it as my last selfishness, but may I ask you to deal the final blow and put me at ease?

Mai told me so and smiled fleetingly.
She probably lost the willpower to live as she had lost her hope.

Like I said, search for the way to go back yourself. It’s too early to give up, don’t you think?
……But, I can’t hold much longer. My body’s collapse is――
Ah, I forgot.

I said that and embraced Mai’s body.
And then, I thoroughly ate the seraphim that had fused with Mai’s body withSoul Consumption.
Seraphim had already been analyzed, so the work was completed instantly.
Unfortunately, I didn’t recover as much energy as I imagined, but I deemed things acceptable as I got to analyzeTravellerwithout Mai’s permission.
Something like an unrestricted teleportation was an excellent super rare skill among Unique Skills. Even without my instruction, Ciel-sensei the Skill Mania[10] won’t be silent.

(How’s the analysis?)
Completed successfully, acquiredTeleportationfromTraveller.

Hmm? As expected of Ciel-sensei.
Mai also noticed that I had eaten the angel.
She lost the ability to fly and naturally held onto my arms.

Ehh!? What happened!?

As such, Mai got flustered and her face turned red.


I called Apito and handed over Mai who was in my embrace to her.

I don’t think that the collapse of your body can be healed with potions, but if it’s Shinji, he could heal it. You should ask him to get it healed.

Mai was surprised and repeatedly opened and closed her mouth, but she looked at me as if she changed her mind.
Moreover, for some reason, she had an expression that showed “disappointment and unsatisfied”.
But, she was determined on something――

Thank you very much! I will never forget this favor for as long as I live, and surely, I will find a way to go back!

She declared that to me with a strong determination.
That would do.
As long as she had a goal in life, she would be free from despair.
I thought that it would be better for her to live straightforwardly towards her goal rather than having a grudge towards Yuuki.
I nodded back to Mai and sprouted a small smile.
 “What is with her gullible personality that believes me so easily like this?” that was what I was worried about inside my mind, but some things are better left unsaid.

Take her away
As you wish, my lord.

Thus, I gave the order to Apito.
Apito respectfully bowed towards me and left to take Mai away.
Thus, the angel army that invaded the surface world was exterminated completely and our total victory was settled.

[1] 魂暴喰 Tamashii Boushoku. Boushoku (Lit. Violent Eating) can mean Gluttony, Engorge, Voracity. (Cause I didn’t think I left a footnote for it before)
[2] ED: Tip in war: enjoy black tea wherever, whenever.
[3] 旅行者(トラベラー) Ryokōsha (Toraberā). Same meaning in kanji and katakana.
[4] Reminder to self 瞬間移動 Shunkan’idou (Instantaneous Movement/Transfer) Teleportation is advanced version of 転移Ten'I (Transfer). No time lag at all, while normal transfer has some time lag.
[5] 送還術 Soukan Jutsu. Return Home Technique/Arts/Spell/Magic/Way/Method.
[6] Like this:
[7] 神人級Shinjin-Kyū..
[8] 星屑の流星雨(スターダストレイン) Hoshikuzu no Ryuuseiu (Sutādasuto Rein). Stardust Meteor Shower/Rain.
[10] スキルマニア Sukiru Mania. XD



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