Q: Why are you so slow translating a chapter? When are the new chapters?
A: Cause I have RL to do and sometimes most of the times, it makes me not motivated enough to translate. I wonder why I go to college... Ah cause it's a scholarship XD

Q: Will you stop translating?
A: Nope, I'll continue.

Q: How's the schedule for the chapter releases?
A: I'm not sure~ In the past it was one chapter per week but ya know~ Life hits so hard.

Q: Will you translating other series/will you take another series?
A:  I'd love to, but life's not allowing me to do so.

Q: Why you sometimes ask for donation?
A: Cause I didn't get wage/salary (I'm unemployed and just a college student), the money I got is for paying my internet, fuel and stuff.

Q: Why you don't post your unedited chapter?
A: Because I don't think my English is good enough....

More later~ 


  1. Q: when is a new chapter coming out and i hope rl isnt getting you to down

  2. Q: where can I fill in my email to get notified of updates?

    1. if you view this page on PC or Laptop you could read this on the right side of this website.

      About Subscribe

      I tried the subscribe from the blog and it didn't work well.
      So, you guys can just sent an email to my email so I can save your email address, I will manually sent you guys an email when I release a new chapter.


  3. where I can find pic of all charaters ...(not google) can you give us link of googe drive .. nah I don't know how to say

  4. where I can find pic of all charaters ...(not google) can you give us link of googe drive .. nah I don't know how to say

    1. just search them at Animesuki or tieba Baidu many people upload the illustration over there.
      well just search it by yourself since it's too bothersome to put the link here.

  5. Q: Clowns site is down. I wasnt even through with the chapters 90-169. And now i cant read them because you only linked the chapters. Maybe you can ask him if you could upload the chapters he had on your site.

    1. use archive.org then copy paste the link.
      or download the epub or PDF file.

    2. There's no Vol.8 and Vol.9..
      Hard for us new readers since Clown's site doesn't exist...

  6. I just started reading this web novel, but most the content has gone missing, and apparantly most of them are tagged with 'Clown Translation', do you have any alternate chapter which are translated by Clown? So that I can continue my reading?

    many thanks

  7. Where can we find chapters 5 to 18 for Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken? the links on this site are dead.

  8. Do you have an editor? I would like to be your proof reader if you do not mind, based on your Q&A. And thanks for translating