Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'm not Dead!!! XD

For anyone who pondering why the release is so slow: 

The first reason is this

The second reason is I'm busy with assignments/homeworks lately
The third reason is because my time was spend on doing more assignments so little time that I could use to translate.
The fourth reason is the laptop is as you all know have problem.
The fifth reason is sometime I felt I like to become a lazy slime that just sleeping on the bed
The sixth reason is I'm wondering why Truck-san didn't come to me...
The seventh reason is I'm wondering why I didn't summoned to another world, getting some cheat and conquer the world...
The eighth reason is I waiting for money to come raining from the sky.
The nineth reason is I want to die and reincanated......
etc etc etc etc

(Well from the fifth and so forth are not TRUE XD Tehee ;P)

Chapter 144 was 1/3 done so please wait for it ^_^

Decree of The Supreme King of the Growzardo Kingdom
~Gurodwvn Varcsroxs Gradoriaz the 1st~


  1. Hi Not Dead I'm a burnt pancake

    all laptops having problem these days~

  2. >(Well from the fifth and so forth are not TRUE XD Tehee ;P)

    I'm not convinced

  3. You are not dead?
    I don´t believe you.
    I want proof that you haven´t died and ressurrected as a zombie. :p

  4. bro for some reason ur site was labelled by google chrome lol.

    1. was labelled a deceptive website*

    2. I am posting a link to the phishing notification

    3. it's because there is a link to at My Blog List

  5. guro sama.... he did died and reincarnated to another and got cheat but summoned back to his original world by science tech companies and have been granteed with homework......thus this live so far filled with problem known as homework...

  6. Good to hearing you didn't died
    good ah so good

    then comeback to work now your fans waiting for New CH. yeah.

  7. keep up the good work guro-sama

  8. Replies
    1. Umu, yeah. I"m from Indonesia!!
      Salam Kenal!!!! XD

    2. Salam kenal! :-)
      Kamu masih mahasiswa?

    3. Salam kenal! :-)
      Kamu masih mahasiswa?

  9. Guro dead?!? I'll revive you as slime (not human) until you translate the last chapter!!! As slime you don't need sleep, eat or RL and can devote your 24 hours to give us 2 chapters of Rimuru a day!!! XP

  10. arrrr give me a new Ch. arrrrrrrrr

    i wanna read it so bad

  11. I tout i taw a wild chapter appeared..