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Yuusha-sama no Oshishou-sama - Chapter 1 Part 2

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The Boy who Aims to be a Knight (Second Part)

―― Wynn turned 8 years old.
His tasks every day increase further.
However, the pay doesn’t change.
But, when you compare Wynn’s agility with children with the same age as him, he was clearly superior.
Because there was no one he can compare with, he still don’t noticed it――
While Randel and Hanna have two boys who turned 11 years old and 9 years old, but different with Wynn, they were raised and spoilt by Hanna. Wynn’s time to play are taken by work――or more precisely, if there are free time Wynn used it to training――Wynn also doesn’t have the opportunity to meet either.
He wake up early on today’s morning too, he run to the building because he need to finish drawing the water. Unlike the time when he was five years old, he now holds two bucket.
Even with just this, it’s already surpassed a common sense of a normal eight years old child.
He finish drawing the water because the double speed so far, at time before Randel and Hanna wake up, Wynn swings a wooden sword.
He got this wooden sword from an adventurer who stayed for about one month when he was seven years old.
He who wake up earlier to training himself was surprised when he saw the figure of a child who running around while it’s still dawn, but when he heard Wynn’s dream that he was aiming to become a knight, the adventurer not just gave Wynn this wooden sword, he also teach Wynn the way to hold the sword and the way to swing it.
It was a godsend that Wynn never hope for to be able to be taught about the sword by adventurer for one month before he once more departs.

The sun rose, as the cleaning on the morning and the training were finished his free time in the day increased.
With the rise of the work’s efficiency, Wynn’s basic endurance was more than the children on the same age as him.
On that day too, Wynn used his free time to earnestly swing his wooden sword.

Suddenly, he felt someone gaze and looked back.

A small Girl looked at Wynn while hiding behind the building next to the inn.
Unlike the shabby looks of Wynn, the Girl wears lovely clothes using a high class white cloth.
Her eyes are like saying, what is the boy who is slightly older than she was doing here? Is it interesting? Or such light of curiosity dwelled in her eyes.
When Wynn stopped the hand which swinging the wooden sword and turn his eyes at the Girl, the Girl runs and stepped out from the shadow.

What are you doing?

I’m training.

Is that interesting?

I don’t know whether it is interesting or not, but it’s pleasant.

May Letti do it too?

Letti might be her name.

She picks up a stick on the ground nearby and swings it alongside Wynn.
Wynn swing his wooden sword too while thinking that’s okay as she doesn’t particularly disturbing him.
From that day, Letti come and swing the stick alongside Wynn.
She asked Wynn the time he wake up, she come at the time Wynn come.
Letti’s clothes are always different.

However, because he saw the clothes she wear uses high class cloth, Wynn thought that she might be a child of a wealthy family.
It’s likely she come after sneaking out, because her kneecap was always dirty when she arrives.
Doesn’t her family concerned about it?
So he thought, but there’s no pleasure in training. Wynn has a goal, because he didn’t dislike the pleasant fatigue after the training he was able to continue it every day, but if it was a normal child they get tired immediately.
In fact the two boys of the inn, mimicking the action of the child who was younger than themselves working, they snatch the wooden sword from Wynn, they try training but got tired of it before the third day, they threw away the wooden sword and gone out to play.
The girl who introduced herself as Letti will eventually not come again and he sure that he will trained alone.

Wynn was walking and carrying two buckets full of water while looking back at Letti who similarly carrying one bucket following him with unsteadily step.

Onii-chan....... It’s heavy......

If it’s heavy, it okay to leave it behind, you know? Because I’ll come back later and pick it up.

I’ll do my best......

Letti says so while her white face turns bright red and she’s walking with heavy breath――

She was two years younger than Wynn, but he enjoy the time with Letti as he almost didn’t have experience playing with the other children on the same age as him―― Even so some day, Letti will get tired of it and went away.

When thinking so, he felt some loneliness.

Surprisingly, Letti kept coming to Wynn’s place since then all the time for half a year.
Before he notices, she soon came while bringing a wooden sword with size that matches her body.
When time he was going to do warm up exercise and starts running, Letti shows up.
After the two people finished the warm up, they ran around inside the town.
When he was 5 years old he only ran around the inn, but as he now 8 years old his running speed rose and he can run around the whole town as he pleases.
After Letti come joining him, to match her speed, he once again only run around the inn, but only after several months she can match Wynn’s speed.
Saying it honestly, it’s unusual.
Wynn’s physical strength and also his running ability are already surpassing children in the same age as him, it’s surpassing the power of a normal male adult.
She able to catch up with Wynn with only in several months
Letti was an existence that can be said a genius. 
However, Wynn didn’t notice such thing.
Anyway, as there’s no comparable target.       
Even though she was two years younger than him, he thought Letti who could already catch up with him was amazing, but he thought that just normal.
When he finished running and drawing the water, both of them pick up the wooden words and exchange blow with each other.
It’s learning by imitating the match of the adventurers.
First of all Wynn mostly serve as the receiving side, but nowadays they changed the attacker and the defender position with each other.
Gagagagagagagagaa[1]――so they strike each other in high speed.
The sword speed was already out of child’s league.

Good grief, it’s noisy in early morning......

Hanna who just wakes up said the grumbling and complaint while looking at the outside.
When the girl came, at first she thought that they ware loafing and playing around so she shouted.
However, the work was finished precisely and she saw the girl’s clothes were very good, she knew it.
Certainly she must be a princess of noble from somewhere, or a daughter of a rich merchant.
The exchange blows of the sword escalating every day, but Hanna doesn’t understand sword at all.

The adventurer who staying at the inn noticed the two children’s rally with clearly abnormal speed, but their pride might prevented them to acknowledge that the two of them may already surpasses them, because it’s not allowed to disturb them, Randel and Hanna just leave them alone.
The girl had lovely features that were green eyes and blond hair.
She must be brought up into a beautiful woman in the future, even though Hanna fine with her two sons, she thought as she pleases.
The two sons, the eldest Mark and the second Abel also know and pay undue amount of attention to the girl.
Though they seems sometimes talk but――
Because Letti was keep close to Wynn and for some reason help his work, the two people who can only play cannot become friends with her easily.

Hey hey, you should ignore that guy and play with us.

Today I will read a book Onii-chan.

Mark and together with the neighborhood children calls out Letti who walk briskly behind Wynn but Letti hides the book on her back and follows Wynn by trot.
Recently, Letti came over again once before noon and once before the evening.
It’s because she knew that at this time was when Wynn’s work at lunch time was over so he was free.
She always carries a book and read it together with Wynn with a difficult face.
She hiding the book on her back, because she experience her book taken before and didn’t want it to happen again.
Her leg strength has already exceeded the older boys, she will immediately ran after it while crying though――

Letti sit on the chair beside Wynn who finishes his works and take a short break, and open up the book.
Hanna who saw it as nuisance first, she doesn’t say anything now.
Therefore Letti stayed in this room imposingly.
She was 6 years old and just begun to learn alphabet from a private tutor employed by her family.
On the other hand, Wynn didn’t go to school but was taught only alphabet and number for calculation from Hanna so he can learn to do account book’s works.

Therefore, though Wynn reads the book. He reads it together with Letti.

The contents was of unintelligible language when the private tutor taught her, but it
has obediently entered her head when she with Wynn.

――the place we live in this world is called as Alfana continent.......[2]       

The book that Letti brought was about history or myth, sometimes a valuable magic book and others, Wynn welcomed her visit from afternoon heartily.
For Wynn ho doesn’t have friend, he thought that she might be already his best friend.

―― the northern part of the continent, was a land where human can’t tread upon spreads out, and are overflowing with monsters and demons controlled by the Demon King――Onii-chan, what is a Demon King?

Among the monster, that guy is the number one strongest.

Stronger than Onii-chan too?

Isn’t he stronger?

More than the Knight people?

Hmm...... if that’s so  I decide to be stronger than a Knight !

For Wynn who yearns to be a Knight, their strength were absolute.

Because Letti happen to brought an amusement book except the educational one.

But, if the knight people are stronger, why they don’t attack that Demon King?

Come to think about it..... eh?


Let alone a Demon King, even if it’s one high rank demon race that appears, something such as knight order will be easily destroyed though――

Though such difficult content was included in the book they read, the two young children were foolish as appropriate to their age.[3]I understood the law of nature of the fire and light the fire――[4]
Onii-chan, you did it!

A small fire on the degree of a candle was lit on Wynn’s fingertip.
He practiced the magic listed in the magic book that Letti brought.

I will do it too

Concentrated it firmly on your fingertip

Concentrate,, concentrate

Letti stares at her fingertip motionlessly――

I, understood the law of nature of fire and lit the fire――[5]



Flame vigorously sprayed from Letti’s fingertip, Wynn who looked at it were enfolded by the raising pillar like flame.

Ah, Onii-cha, are you okay!?

Panicky she wave her hand to put out the fire, and bend her body to look into Wynn’s face who lands on his bottom.

Ah, what a surprise

His bangs were burned by the fire, but he didn’t get a burn.

Letti seems to have a much stronger mana than me. Surely you will become an amazing magician

Though a talent that was much higher than himself has was shown to him, Wynn shyly looked at Letti not with jealously but a admiration one.

But, if I want to become a magician, I must study many times right? I hate studying…

I think Letti is clever. You already able to read a lot of difficult letter isn’t it

Even so, when studying with the private tutor, he always get mad…

Wynn pat Lettie’s head who hang her hand.

When I read the book together with Onii-cha, I can understand it very much

Is that so? Then let’s read together again


Letti cheerfully nods.

Thus the days of the two training and studying together―― well Wynn aside, Letti spent the time playing and studying.

Thus the month flow even more―― Wynn became 12 years old, Letti 10 years old.

That day occurs just as usual, Wynn was waiting for Lettie to come.

Uu, Onii-chan…

Letti came running with vigor while crying and sobbing and embraced Wynn.

Wh, what happened? Letti

Wynn who turns 12 years old was thinking about being embraced by an opposite sex near his age that like his younger sister and trembling instinctively.
Letti who didn’t pay attention at all to Wynn’s state, still embraced him strongly.

What if I suddenly gone and went far away?

Slightly stunned, Wynn was surprised by Letti’s body odor that was sweet scent but more softer than he thought, separated himself from Letti, he looked at her face

How far, is it Klenad?

Klenad, the city next to the capital. For Wynn that’s far.

No. it’s more far away

Is that so. How long till you return?

I don’t know

Letti says so then she embracing Wynn and crying again.

Wynn patted her head gently till she finishes crying.

I’m sorry. We can’t train together again

It’s okay. I will soon saved enough money for the school enrollment fee and go there to become a knight, anyway since I will go the school, we can’t train together again

Uh huh

Probably, Letti might marry someone in foreign country.
The dignity that she brings out when she young was a sign that a commoner like him don’t had.
Since this year, Wynn probably guesses it somehow that Letti might be a daughter of a high rank house.

Well, he don’t understand why it’s like pretending to see that the daughter slipping away from the house.
If it’s a daughter of a high ranking noble, they will get married when they’re young.
Well, a 10 years old girl was too early though.

As much as possible, I’ll do my best and return quickly!

Hey hey, it might be no good if you return quickly

Wynn concluded that she will marry someone.
As the meaning of her words that she will return quickly, it might be divorcing the other party.
Surely, that will be bad for her house.

It’s no good?

Letti seems going to burst into tears again.

That, I’m glad though….

Then, I will return soon!

Letti grasped a fist to fire herself up.

After the warm up exercises today, should we have a match immediately?

Ah, okay

Wynn nod when he look at Letti who was more fired up than usual for some reason.
It’s different from the usual training schedule but she was fired up with much effort.
It seems there might stress of going to a place where she don’t want to go.

He think that the feeling might be confusing, he decide to accompany her.

――That day, Letti’s sword speed had not like that seen up to now.
Wynn while defending was also aiming for a blow of counter, but Letti till the very end didn’t showing any gaps, in the end Wynn was caught by the feint Letti begin to show and for the first time since the beginning of the training of those two, Letti surpassed Wynn.

And the next day, Letti didn’t show her face. Even on the next day―― and the day after that too――

That day was the last day before her departure.
It’s been many years since Wynn training alone.

Honestly, it was lonely. But, Wynn don’t have time to cry.
She began to walk on her road.
To become a knight that was his dream, it’s necessary to acquire more power than now.
He just need to saved up a bit money for the enrollment fee that was his target.
As if to distract himself from the loneliness of Letti’s departure, Wynn torment and temper his body furthermore――

Guro's Note:
Ah so emotional.... Bye Letti

[1] It’s Bish bash or Wham bam SFX that used in fight.
[2] Geee..... no kanji here.
[3] What do you expect from a 8 years old boy and girl younger than him XD
[4] 我、火の理を識りて火を灯す (Kanji).
[5] われ、ひのことわりをしりてひをともす (Full hiragana).
[6] Sfx for ignition of flame.


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