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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - Chapter 6

Translator’s Corner (Cast: an English Clown and a French Pierrot)
Clown: That was pretty bad yesterday…
Pierrot: Having you lose the translation draft? It’s totally your fault!
Clown: No! That was clearly an act of god! Who could have expected that WordPress does not automatically save progress!
Pierrot: That’s why you should be doing this in Office Word, instead.
Clown: I regret but not reflect!  ( ̄^ ̄) ドヤッ!
Pierrot: … Thanks to whom were you able to translate the last chapter?
Clown: … Thanks to you, Pierrot-sama… or rather, your wonderful memory…
Pierrot: *Sigh*… let’s just leave it at that. We’ve got another chapter to do.
Clown: Yep! And we’re back to following Rimuru’s slithering adventures!
Pierrot: That reminds me… does Rimuru hop or slither?
Clown: Whichever looks cuter…. oh, oh! I remembered a good joke!
Pierrot: You always come up with corny ones, let me.
Clown: Yours are too dark! Today is my turn! Okay, so… what happens when a magician gets mad? … He pulls his hare out!

Skill Acquisition

30 days have passed since I ate Veldora.

What have I done up until now?
Aren’t you an idiot!
Just think for a second!
I’ve become a slime, you know?
If I were attacked by a monster, how do I fight!
Or rather, it’s hard to run away!!!
So, I’ve been thinking about how to fight.
While at it, I’m munching on the grass that grows in this area and minerals that mysteriously glowing.
It's the place with thick concentration of magic essence that Veldora mentioned.
The grass I’ve collected here are mostly the Hipokte grass.
As expected.
With this, my stock of restorative medicine has increased.
And, the mysteriously glowing minerals are apparently called “Magic Ore”.
They seem to be raw materials of metal that harder than steel, yet flexible. it seemed to be metal that has good compatibility with magic.
I expected a more rare ore, but come to think about it I don’t know whether the famous Orichalcum, Hihiirokane and other ores exist here.
Perhaps it’s actually a rare ore. I might be just being a bit too greedy.

So, the grass and ore are delicious (I can't taste anything though!) then something comes into my mind while I'm eating them!

Since I can shoot out water, can’t I use it as a water cutter or something?

Hmm. You don’t need to say I understand.
You guys think that I’m going to fail again, don’t you?
Wasn’t I been looked down on enough?
I’m a man who can do it when I do it.
My report card was always written withA child who can do it if he works hard.
And so, I can do it if I try it.

With that thought, I immediately went to the underground lake.
As I had imagined while enshrouded in darkness, the underground lake is pretty big.
It surpassed my imagination, the lake had a mysterious and tranquil atmosphere.
Lacking any presence of life, it can’t be helped for the silent.
Although the magic essence permeates the water, I dare say that no living thing inhabits it.
An example of uncorrupted nature!
What a beautiful sight!

That thing aside…
I didn’t practice shooting out the water last time, anyway having jetted around with full power was unpleasant. 
Because the mouth of the spray was too big, the propulsive power was too high.
This time, while imagining a water gun, I felt releasing water just a bit.
I imagined my mouth filled with water and try spouting like whistling.
No water coming out.
Was the spout too small?
When I expand it a little, the water came out strongly.
The target rock was splashed wetly.
Alright, good.
Next, I added a bit pressure and open my mouth a bit more.

Aiming at the rock, I practiced the water gun while gradually increasing the power.
Okay. I kind of got the hang of this.
It seems to be painful if I hit a person with it, however, I can’t call this a decisive finisher move.
What’s to be done…...

While worrying about this question, I entered the lake.
Nothing beats a bath while tired.
I’m not simply playing in the water, you know!?
I observed my body floating and sinking in the water withMagic Perception.
Just like a jellyfish…
Couldn’t I create a water current by vibrating the surface of my body?
Spreading magic power through my body surface while boing, I produced vibrations by controlling the magic essence.
With “jiggle jiggle… jiggling!”, Small vibrations were generated. And, I’m moving through the water. 
It’s a success!!!
Amusing myself, I enjoyed swimming in the water.
What a nice change of pace!

SkillWater Current Movementhas been acquired

For a second I thought it wasGreat Sage, but apparently, it was the “Voice of the World”.
It seems I have acquired a skill by playing around right now.
Whether in the water or on the water, I'm able to move in any direction and at any speed.
When needed, I can also accelerate withHydraulic Propulsion.
Considering the fact that I don’t need to breathe, it might actually be pretty easy to fight in the water.
It’s also suitable for running away.
While thinking about such a thing, I went out from the underground lake.
The break is over.

The problem is the means of attacking.
By refreshing myself, I came up with a new plan.
Doing the water pistol, it was necessary to keep the pressure on the water gently.
This time, I try doing it while imagining “Applying pressure inside the cylinder to shoot out a small quantity of water”.
By adjusting the caliber and the pressure, it’s the same principle like before to adjust the power.


A small amount of water dashes out sharply and hit the target rock.
The portion get hit was a bit broken.
It’s a success…. I think?
Before I forget the feeling, I do a further practice.
Adjusting the caliber and pressure.
I practiced shooting with the image of adding rotation to the water.
Rather than the size of the caliber, I tried adjusting the shape thinly.
That’s right! My image was “Cutting with water”.


The water blade that came out has cut the rock!!!
I, the one who did it was surprised by its power.
The result of one week’s training (lol), had finally bored a fruit!

SkillWater Blade has been acquired
By acquiring SkillsHydraulic Propulsion』『Water Current Movementand Water Blade, it has evolved into Extra SkillWater Manipulation』》

It seems to have really bored a fruit.
Extra Skill seems to have big differences in power and ability than Normal Skill.
With this, I got myself a way to fight.
Thus, I am ready to set out on a journey.

At last.
After 120 days of my reincarnation to the side of this underground lake.
Finally, the day when I depart from this place came.
There’s something I feel uneasy about. I can’t talk.
Because I have no vocal cords, I tried to see whether I could reproduce them in my body. However, it has been so far unsuccessful.
I’ve thought about staying here to practice, but I just can’t imagine it right.
I have no choice but to rely on communicating through the mind with "Telepathy".
At the worst, I'd rely on the other party, but it's inconvenient until I obtain means to speak, well it can't be helped.
No matter how many hours I playing here, it’ll be no use.
I want to see the outside world quickly and if possible meet with “Otherworlders” from the same country.
Learning magic seems to be fun too!
Thinking so, I ought to start the journey quickly.
Like they say, no time like the present.

There’s no reaction from Veldora.
He seems to have vanished, but I know that’s untrue.
We made a promise, after all.
I’ll prepare an episode where the two of us can talk happily and laughing together when the next time we meet.
I hastened my ‘legs’ on the sole continuing path to the surface from this large extending place that I’m familiar with.
Thinking about the world that I have not seen yet, expecting the events that will occur from now on…


Name: Rimuru Tempest
Species: Slime
Divine Protection: Storm Crest
Title: None
Magic: None
Ability: Unique SkillGreat Sage
             Unique SkillPredator
             Slime Natural SkillDissolve, Absorption, Self Regeneration
             Extra SkillWater Manipulation
             Extra SkillMagic Power Perception
Resistances: Thermal Fluctuation Resistance EX
                      Physical Attack Resistance
                      Pain Perception Nullification
                      Electricity Resistance
                      Paralysis Resistance


At the bottom of the deep, deep darkness…
Where no one will visit, amidst the despair.

Veldora was thinking about one person today.

“Calamity” Class Monster, the ”Storm Dragon Veldora”
A Special S Class Monster.
The rank of a monster is also represented in a way of 6 categories from A to F just like the way Adventurers are. 
There’s also cases where evaluation of a bit strong monster added with “+” and a bit weaker or a semi-class added with “-“.
This’s a classification newly formulated by the man called Kagurazaka Yuuki who bear the title of “Grand Master”, the head of the Freedom Association who rumored to be an “Otherworlder”.
It was well received and easier to understand rather than the 4-grade evaluation that is Novice → Beginner → Intermediate → Advanced which used until now.
By the way, Advanced = C rank and above, Intermediate = D rank, Beginner = E rank, and Novice = F rank.
By hunting monster of appropriate rank, the number of death decreased sharply.
In case of the same rank, 1 vs. 1 will be equal.
Thus, it became a good standard to fight safety by forming a party.
As for Special S Rank is a S rank that exceeded the evaluation of A rank assigned to Demon Lord Class, further on that are monsters of "Calamity" and "Disaster" class.
An existence outside of the norm deviated from the scale of the 6 categories evaluation.
Originally, even an A class monster is a redoubtable threat and able to make a country falls into a crisis.
A danger that capable of inducing despair.
Although, the person in question, Veldora, not aware of his surroundings at all.

He thinks again today.
In his free time…
About the “Hero” who defeated him from 300 years ago.
He remembered that fight many times.
There’s regret. However, strangely he held no hatred.
He fights as he wanted, living as he wanted.
Those who could obstruct his way were few in number.
For him, it was not the first defeat.
But, it was his first experiencing a defeat fighting under the same condition 1 vs. 1.

White skin.
Small, crimson lips.
Jet black, long hair.
Not too tall, petite and slender physique.
And though the eyes were hidden by a mask, the features revealed she’s a female. In addition, she’s a beautiful girl.

Because he couldn’t see her eyes, he couldn’t guess her feelings.
Is that why? Without fear or hatred, it was regrettable that she was merely indifferently swung her sword… 

‘What if I can get out of this prison?’
He sometimes thinks so.
Would he fulfill his revenge against her? Although he did not have grudge…?
If he had the chance, he wants to fight her again.
Without any lies, it was Veldora’s true feelings.
However, rather than fighting her like a machine, he wants to fight putting all of his existence! So he thought.
To make that girl, the Hero, recognize him and go all out.
Before he noticed, that had become Veldora’s wish.
A human life is short.
Veldora knew it well that the wish wouldn’t be fulfilled.
But still…. Veldora’s thought loops………

How many years passed…?

One day,

*Rumbling, Bam!!!*

A light blue object struck him.
In this area, due to the thick magic essence he released, no normal life could be sustained.Moreover, touching a lump of magical energy that Veldora was, would be difficult even for a high-class monster.
Amused, Veldora observed that being.

That was the encounter.

Before he noticed, to Veldora who had given up on his will to live, that mysterious existence became his hope.
This meeting will surely bring something.
Veldora had that premonition.
One that he had not had until now…

(Can you hear me? Little One.)

Holding on to that belief, Veldora called out!

Author’s Notes:
Briefly, it’s the end of Veldora-san’s turn. 
Little by little, the "name" might come out.

Translator’s Corner (Cast: an English Clown and a French Pierrot)
Clown: Well, that was an alright chapter.
Pierrot: The dragon is a tsundere.
Clown: I just want to give him a hug.
Pierrot: A big, bald tsundere…


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