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1000 nin no Homunkurusu no Shoujo tachi ni Kakomarete Isekai Kenkoku - Chapter 1

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1000 Girls

Within a cave, deep in a silent forest, lies a secret hideout.

To reach that place, someone would have to overcome many barriers, illusionary magics, and the complicated  system of labyrinths inside the forest; deliberate countermeasures had been scattered here and there.

Why the countermeasures are to that extent? The answer is obvious.

Inside the hideout is a man who involved in dark arts, a magician.

In front of that man is a muddy red liquid which emit smell that a normal human can’t stand it, but the man simply take it and put it inside a big pot, which is bubbling and  burbling because of the heat from the fire.

The magician is now trying to revive the fearsome Evil God Adeki, it is unknown how many lives are used for this repulsive ritual, since it was a secret and prohibited ritual from the world’s populace.

So, now for the 1000 children’s lives needed for the revival of the Evil God, he intends to sacrifice the Homunculus girls that he had created by himself.

That man name is Seiram and  the one who is called a magician, surely in that place there are various torture tools can be seen and sealed grimoire that can induce madness, a jar where he store the maidens blood and fresh human corpses, witch’s  nails, some kind of monster bone, like this various repulsive things occupy the cramped room.

But, if you descend the stairs to the underground, there lies a big room that was constructed by the man for many years, on there are the test tubes with the cultured 1000 Homunculus girls, they were sleeping in order to be the sacrifice for the Evil God.     

And then, at that time he feels presence approaching.

On Seiram’s mouth a smile is visible, it is natural because his long-cherished dream for the revival of the Evil God will be fulfilled soon.

The man had since long make preparations for this, while muttering the incantations that are secret from the world, he took out a horn that was a part of Evil God to summon him.

And then, he put it in the boiling pot, he recite a wicked insanity inducing incantation while mixing the ominous liquid.

Then, the change took place on the liquid immediately.

No, it seems to have disappeared.

But, it is not lost.

The Evil God’s horn has absorbed everything.

The main preparation is complete by this, all it need to do is to absorb the lives of 1000 people to summon it, and it will be revived.

It was a little high-pitched shrill, but while muttering his voice become coarse as the magician respectfully took out the horn that had more and more filled with evilness, and descend on the stair to the underground.

And, he goes to the big room in the underground.

In there lies 1000 test tube where the1000 Homunculus girls are sleeping and floating inside them.

The man advances slowly with unchanged expression, soon he reach the center of the room where there spread a large magic formation.

He put the horn on the center.

The line of the magic formations expands to all the test tubes, from there the Homunculus’ life is poured into the Evil God.

The magician unintentionally misspells the incantation.

And then, the girls who were sleeping simultaneously wake up.

So, for the sake of pouring life to the Evil God, it is necessarily to suck the consciousness until it fade.

It will trouble him if they are still sleeping.

Homunculus, you all will taste living hell.

However, it is natural that the magician doesn’t worry about such a thing.

That’s all is necessary for the revival of the Evil God.

For that sake, up until now, he had burnt villages, he kidnaps people, collecting forbidden grimoires, he done various dreadful experiments repeatedly.   

What can make him hesitate?

And so, right now is the time for the evil magician Seiram to begin the last process of the ritual for the revival of the Evil God.

*Zudon*[1], an intense tremor happens, a few soil are falling down from the ceiling.

More and more, *Zudon*, *Zudon*, the entire cave rumbling continuously.

Damn it, is it the Hero?

So the man shouts annoyed and he hurriedly begin the ritual to summons the Evil God and begin to chant the summoning incantation.

Its okay, the stairs are under the concealed door.
So it will not be found easily.

Besides when the necessity arises, in this room there was another one secret passage that leads to the outside.

It is possible to escape.

Although the man became impatient, he keeps desperately chanting the summoning incantation inside the shaking cave.

And so at last the magic formation began to shine.
The completion of the incantation is near.

But, an unexpected shaking occurred.

A weakened portion of the ceiling is greatly loosened, and the falling rocks poured down over the magician’s head.

 The falling rocks crushes the magician, it reaped the man of his evil dream and also his life instantly.

However the leftover magic formation keeps emitting a shine.

Most of the incantation has been completed, what will it summon later? It is the current situation.

However, the one who chanting is already died.

Hence, the incomplete magic formation begins to running wild.

And then, it can be called a disaster.

Because the magic formation is left unfinished, it can summons anyone, from any worlds, from any eras, also from any places, it started to select a target randomly.

Before long, the radiance of the magic formation on the big room of the underground begun to shine like the sun, it vanishes instantly and disappears.
All that left illuminates the room are the torches on the wall.

But, there was a different being in the center of the magic formation now.

Wha? Where is this place?

Furutera Isshi[2], a high school student that having a test up until now, muttered instinctively.

[1] *BAM*
[2]  The MC name is 古寺一糸 (フルテライッシ)

TL: Pretty short isn't it? XD


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