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1000 nin no Homunkurusu no Shoujo tachi ni Kakomarete Isekai Kenkoku - Chapter 2

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Please enjoy the second chapter of 1000 nin no Homunkurusu no Shoujo tachi ni Kakomarete Isekai Kenkoku

The First Girl

Wha? Where is this place?

So Furutera Isshi mutters instinctively while looking at the surroundings.

And, after seeing the result from surveying the vicinity, he lets out a scream.

What the heck with this situation. What the heck there were test tubes with human-like baby floating inside of it in here? This room seems like a cave, furthermore it’s dark. Where are the torches? Woah! Though it was so dark and hard to see, but the thing under my feet, isn’t this a magic formation?

What the heck is this supposed to means! So he complains while being greatly perplexed.
Moreover, his surroundings are shaking with *Zudon *Zudon* sounds.

However, to pulling himself together quickly is one of the few redeeming features of Isshi.

He shakes his head for two or three times and once again puts his eyes on the surroundings.

 And so he approaches the test tube, which was the most nearest one near the magic formation, and takes a look at the inside of the tube.

The center of the test tube is filled with something like water, a petite girl floats while holding her knee inside it.

A pale blue hair and golden eyes. 

With white skin like the white of the snow, her appearance is just like a personification of an angel.

Of course she is naked; the boy becomes aware of that, so he averts his eyes while being flustered.

Even if the girl’s eyes are open, but she doesn’t really look at anything, it just blank looking eyes. Such impression makes the girl looks just like a robot.

He discards his shyness, and turns his averted glances to her again.

It’s somehow eerie. It’s just looks like a doll. Also I still don’t know anything about my situation. Is she conscious? Hello, hel~lo....

While he is saying that, he tries to knock the container of the test tube.

Actually he doesn’t really expect any reaction from her. He is desperate because he has no other option, so he only acts just by his feelings.

However, on the next moment, the girl who had unfocused eyes that looks like the eyes of a doll until now, are now firmly opens her eyes wide, she turns her face around and stares at Isshi.

Waah! It just likes a ghost, so he raises his voice in surprise.

But, the unexpected event doesn’t end by just that.

She turns around, and the container of the test tube starts rumbling.

And then, the exterior of the container slide from the top part, the water inside is then ejected to outside. 

The boy receives the water directly, so he instinctively closes his eyes while being soaked by it.

And then, when he returns his sight to the test tube again, on there is the fallen girl that later stands, and then they lock their eyes on each other.  

When the girl walks towards him, he doesn’t know why but the girl is bowing her head towards him.

Master, Good Morning. Base Unit No.0001 successfully activated. What are your instruction?

So she said.


Errr... What the heck is this means?

Because the sudden change in the situation Isshi’s head can’t keep up, he muttered it while his head in a bit chaos.

Then, the girl in front of him, did she think it was his question? She gives an answer to him.

The creator of us, the magician Seiram-sama was trying to revive the Evil God Adeki by using the summoning magic. However, due the attack from the Heroes, it causes rocks to fall inside the cave, and it seems that he was squashed by it.

Isshi thought about magic and Evil God, if talking about the Hero isn’t that means some disaster is going on? But it hard for him to think if there is a naked girl in front of him.

I’m sorry, thought it is not the time to says things like this, but, don’t you have some clothes? It will help me if you puts something on.

When he says so, the girl bows her head once again to apologize.

I’m very sorry. I had made a serious fault in front of master. The clothes are inside the accessory toolbox on the container. I will go and take it at once.

The girl hurriedly goes behind the test tube, she opens the toolbox. From the inside of it she takes out plain clothes, and puts it on at once.

For showing an unpleasant sight. I’m very sorry.

No, really there is no need to apologize. It was an amazing proportion ・・・

And so forth his mouth mumbling and muttering, no, leaving that aside, he pulls himself together and starts to begin a conversation.

My name is Furuta Isshi. I’m a high school student. Though I was sitting and taking an exam in the school just a while ago, where on the earth is this place? Even though I already took trouble to cram last night......

Though the test time might already end, so he complains, the girl tilt her head to the side, the girl then showed a troubled like expression.

I’m very sorry. Err, Hai skul stewden[1] was it? What kind of position is it? School and Exam, because you says it, surely you must be a scholar-sama.

On that inquiry, Isshi have understood the situation vaguely.

No, though he doesn’t understand the situation as usual, he should accept the situation anyway, he began to understand.

At that time, a big tremor that cannot be compared with the one up until now assaulted the entire cave

Just now, the ceilings near the squashed magician crumbles once again making falling rocks falls again, it squashes the test tube where the girl (No.0001) originally in.

It’s bad, the entire cave will collapse. Quickly you must wake up the other children without exception, if not we will swallowed up by the falling rocks. Let’s run away together. Please come along with me, aah, though I don’t know where we should  escape to.

Though he screams hurriedly, the girl is somehow composed.

Acknowledged. I know the escape route. There is a concealed passage to outside. Even so, to say you also want to take the other girl and run away? There are no profits for master to save Homonculus like us. Isn’t it better to treat us like slaves, since we have no value at all. And yet why you want to save such existence like us?

Though the girl says with a curious face, Isshi doesn’t understand any meaning behind those words

Is Homunculus that Homunculus? Ah, but such thing is unimportant. Because everyone has rights to be treated as a person after all. Actually it was not very different from the test tube baby. There are no rooms for argument either for this Even so to be treated as a slave, it is too much. The society that said that must be in wrong.

He talks to that extent, then he realize that the talk is off of the point,

No, such things is unimportant right now. How to wake the other children?  Do I need to knock and call at each containers just like before?

No, the girl shakes her head.

There’s no need to do it like for me, you can call everyone with a loud voice. If you do that then the remaining 999 person will awake from the sleep simultaneously, and they will obey master’s instruction.

Immediately after Isshi hear the answer, he breathes in deeply.


[1] She says Koukousei in katakana (コウコウセイ) rather than (高校生), which means she doesn’t know the word.


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