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1000 nin no Homunkurusu no Shoujo tachi ni Kakomarete Isekai Kenkoku - Chapter 3

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To the Surface for Light

This is bad, right?[1]

Cold sweat is dripping while Isshi is looking at the girls who are simultaneously bowing their heads to him. And,

Please your order. Master

So, they all spoke together just like if they had rehearsing before. Because of that it becomes more and more overwhelming.

However, the cave keeps on trembling during such spectacle.

He thinks that the cave will collapse soon.

It’s not the time to be surprised, though I somehow don’t really understand. Anyway if we don’t run away from this place... Ah! The Hero you mention awhile ago. Speaking of "Hero", he must be ally of justice right. Isn’t it okay to ask for help from that person?

To that question, the girl who had pale blue hair and golden eyes who introduced herself as No. 0001, turns her face towards him and nodded easily.

That’s true, I think that it is advisable for a person like master. But that way, I think you have not worried about our disposal.


She let out such dangerous word, when he asks again, the girl respond with Yes..

In this Ibuhl Kingdom, no, in every nation in the Mitolshia Continent as well,  the existence of homunculus like us were considered as disgusting. This treatment given to us was because in the past we were created by magic for the worship of the evil god, so it can be said that we are slave. However, the probability to be disposed might be high. Even the Hero-sama is the envoy of justice of Ibuhl Kingdom. There will be no reason to keep us all alive. 

Eeh, so he raises his voice against such unreasonable situation.

However the girl continue the conversation with But...

Master is a victim due to the failure of the different world summons. The kingdom seems welcome and protects the summoned ones that appeared because various causes once in several years in the kingdom, so you don’t need to worry. Besides the disposal of doll like us all will release you from trouble from us.

The girl seems to says with seriousness that for Isshi to go to the Hero is the correct decision.

However, he refused it without any hesitation.

That is completely not good. That talk is absurd.

When he says so, the girl tilts her head because she cannot grasp the real meaning of the words.

Why it is? At least master’s life will be surely saved, that is the best way there is no other way. Also, please think about your life from now on, I think if you are under the protection of the kingdom, that way is more convenient for you. 

Isshi fold his arms while sighed greatly.

Though it’s good for me, isn’t you all going to be killed or become a slave? If such thing will happen, until you all can have a good live, I will keep looking after all of you till the end. Besides, as I have said before even all of you have human rights. I‘m not really a believer of justice, though it doesn’t mean I completely not believe it at all. At least, no matter how I look all of you are human too, it’s not easy for me as a man to ignore such cute girls like all of you to be killed easily.

When he says so, the girl’s eyes greatly opens, after showing an astonished expression, she immediately conceal her face by turns up her face.

Oops! Was it too much for him to speak such cool words?   

After all, because the other party is a too cute girl, as a man he makes a slip of the tongue. 

Uumm, because of such reason, I see your troubles. This is an order as a master・・・, no it’s a request. The talk about getting protection from the Hero is just a talk. Let’s escape from this place somehow with another way.

With that words the girl no.., the girls all nodded together.

All Master’s words were acknowledged. From now on we all will serve master to the best of our ability.  The hidden passageway that lead to outside is inside. Let’s us go in hurry.

So they says, then all the girls begin to move.

The 1000 Homunculus girls has blue hair, red hair, green hair, long hair, somewhat short hair, their physique also slightly different with each other. However everyone have golden eyes, under the dim light of the torch that illuminates the dark large room. There are 2000 beautiful eyes that blinking, it is a very unreal spectacle.

Well then, excuse me for holding your hand. Please follow me.

So she says then the first girl holds Isshi’s hand.

The cave seems to already on its limit, he follow the girl without objections.

However, for some reason from the back, he thinks he heard voices likeUnfair!」「 Sly!」「So jealous-ssu..

Isshi instinctively turn his head to the back, but on that direction there are only beautiful girls who sprout a smile like an angel.

It’s only his imagination, so he turns his head back while thinking so.

Then he called out the girl in front of him.

Now I remember, I still had not heard your name yet. What is your name?

However, the girl has a troubled like expression, 

Name isn’t it? I’m very sorry, but we homunculus don’t have name. As I had said before, please call me by my Management Number No.0001.

While being bewildered by her answer, Isshi groan and racking his brains.

And then he talks after thinking for awhile.

Alright, then I will give you all names. Because I can’t give name to 1000 people at once, first I will start with you.  That’s right, from the word that I learn recently. How’s about Premier[2]? I put the meaning of our first encounter.

The girl immediately turned stiff by his words, after that, a smile that she has not shown till now sprouts in her face.

I cannot really believe it, for a homunculus like me to receive a name. I’m truly grateful. I will always, always cherishes it.

Then for some reason he feels like the intense presence from a while ago are piercing his back.

Although Isshi admiring the beautiful smile of Premier, while for some reason cold sweat is dripping as he rushed inside the dark cave.


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[1] Kansai-ben
[2] プルミエ  Purumie

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