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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - Chapter 108

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Guro & YukkuriOniisan

Tournament – Finals Part 3

Following the qualifiers, the first day of the finals ended safely.
Gabil did his best. With indomitable spirit, he stood up over and over again, seeming like a wall that couldn’t be passed.
His figure left a deep impression, captivating the spectators.
Oh well, Souka secretly ignored Gabil’s attempts to give up no matter how many times he tried.

Ooootto, what did you say? What? “I can still do it...... Don’t underestimate me?”
Contestant Gabil, what motivation! Such an unyielding man! He still hasn’t given up~!!(Souka)

No matter how you look at it he already gave up, but his luck run out when Souka became the announcer.
After all, for a full hour, Ranga toyed with him[1].
Since the spectators didn’t know the circumstances, it seems that Gabil was remembered as an unyielding man.
I can’t decide whether that’s a good or bad thing.
However, I want to say that “I’m glad it’s not me!”

When the match ended, everyone returned to their respective inn.
I got up from my seat and started to walk away to invite Masayuki for a meal.

̀Please wait a bit. I have something I want to ask. (Unknown)

There was a person who called me to halt.
It was the half elf girl from before.
With pale light blue silver hair and her jade eyes, she was a super bishoujo[2]

Ah, so you are here! Ah!*surprised*, Rimuru-dono, it’s been a long time.(Elalude)

Before I could reply to the girl, a person came and greeted me while panting. Did he come running? It was Duke Elalude.

Ah! Duke, it’s been a long time. Are you well? And, is she your acquaintance?(Rimuru)

She was a person the Duke was hurriedly looking for.......
Although I expected it, more or less let’s listen to his word*

Ah! Allow me to introduce you.
This is Her Majesty, the Empress of the Sorcery Dynasty of Sarion, Elmeshia Elure Sarion.
Her Majesty, this is the person I told you about before, Demon Lord Rimuru-dono. (Elalude)

Pretty much, she was the ruler of the country who supported me. After he introduced the empress to me, he introduces me to her.

Umu. I know. This one[3] is the Empress of the Sorcery Dynasty of Sarion, Elumeshia Elure Sarion.
I hope we will get along well.(Elumeshia)

Although she a bishoujo, she emits a solemn aura.
I think she might have suppressed it before, but the person before me is without a doubt someone worthy of being called an Empress.

Hello, I’m Rimuru, the King of Tempest. Please take care of me as well!
Since I’m ignorant with the etiquette of King, please pardon my rudeness.[4](Rimuru)

I introduce myself as well.
Oh dear, I sounded like an upstart Outlaw.[5]
I wish you would excuse me from such stiff formalities. How should I put it, since the empress came dressed as an adventurer, I want to think something like that should be fine.

Umu, it’s not a problem. Such things aren’t important.
What is with this country’s outrageous war potential! That’s the real issue!(Elumeshia)

She pressed me for answers while forcefully barraging me questions.
Beside her, Duke Elalude was greatly perplexed.

We changed locations, and we were now talking while eating dinner.
I wanted to eat with Masayuki, but I gave priority to the Empress of Sarion this time. Though it was regrettable, it couldn’t be helped.
According to the Empress.
Although she was a master in magic, she was defeated by a strong devil and couldn’t do a single thing about it. That devil was Dagura.
Furthermore, he instantly defeated countless opponents by himself. He was a surprisingly outrageous opponent.
Despite this, that devil was easily[6] defeated by by a single Tempest executive.
She couldn’t accept this and became indignant.
By the way, the Empress in here is a homunculus[7] that she transferred her consciousness into.
So, there is no need to worry about her getting hurt, although she was frustrated about her loss.

Well you see, because Her Majesty was never lost before. When it comes to magic she’s the best....
Therefore Her Majesty, what i can say? Since it was a Demon Lord, it won’t turn out as a half-assed tournament.(Elalude)

Duke Elalude soothes her as if he’s given up on it.
She acted recklessly because there was no danger to the real body, thanks to that I think Her Majesty’s selfishness was great.
That night, I enjoyed conversing with Sarion’s Empress, and successfully struck an agreement about future technology.
Although it was just a verbal promise, it was a promise between fellow rulers. I don’t think it will be broken.
After successfully making a promise with the Sorcery Dynasty of Sarion, I can say that the tournament was already successful.
I’m pleased with the progress, and I’m convinced that the relationship between our countries will become even better in the future.

And then, the night grew old, as the morning of the second day of finals arrived.


The second day of the Finals.
The fifth match…… Arnaud vs Beretta

A noteworthy match
Although Arnaud said that he would conceal his status as a Holy Knight and registered as Mask Knight...

Eh? He doesn’t depend on others, right?
The one who is called the strongest of holy knights that vows to protect people how could he do something like run away [8]?
If he is a man, it must be a fight fair and square! Isn’t that right, Arnaud-san? (Demon Announcer)

Souka seems to have asked again while smiling sweetly.
She ended her words with “fool”.

Hahaha, of course. A Holy Knight wouldn’t run away from any fight!!(Trapped Knight)

Maybe because he was desperate, he was muttering “it will be alright if I win--If I win!” It seems he decided to continue without concealing his true identity.
He’s just like a young rabbit that has been ensnared in a trap
No, I think that conversation about escaping wasn’t needed right? Well, whatever...
A wicked smile seems to have appeared on Souka’s face.
Or rather, when she was still Abil’s Imperial Guard, she looked like an obedient and good child, but she changed suddenly after she revealed the fact that she was a woman.
Was this her original personality? Or did she receive a wicked influence from someone (Probably Souei)?
Or, it might be both.
She has grown into a frightening little demon.
It’s too late now. I must be careful so I don’t end up ensnared in a trap as well.  


While I was thinking about the pitiful Arnaud, the match began before I realized.
Arnaud was taking a distance from Beretta, vigilantly holding his sword.
As expected, it seems he won’t attack carelessly.

It started right. The day to show off Beretta’s strength has come right!(Annoying Fairy)

I was surprised! Suddenly Ramiris came and spoke near my ear.
Veldora and Milim also came along from behind.

Y-You guys. Weren’t you all engrossed inside the Dungeon?(Rimuru)
Fuhahaha, Rimuru. It was completed a while ago. You'll looking forward to it!(Milim)
Since I also have an interest in the tournament. Yesterday, I performed Probability Manipulation of Investigation King Faust[9].
In yesterday matches, weren’t the matches concentrated with ones that had clear results?(Otaku Dragon)

That explains why for some reason people with similarly problematic powers were fighting each other.
And, did he manipulate it so that the combination he didn’t have interest in would be concentrated in yesterday’s match?
Certainly, there are a lot of highlights[10] in today’s match.
The combination likeArnaud vs Beretta right now andLion Mask vs Diablo, were matches that Ramiris and Milim did not want to miss.
For something that he considered uninteresting, he still accurately manipulated it.
“Let’s overlook it for the sake of such interesting events like this one”, he will never say such generous words, huh? As expected of him.

Oh well, I don’t have an interest in the outcome, but it will serve as a good reference!  Kuahahahaha. (Veldora)

Veldora began proudly laughing.
Unlike the old him, he seems to have become interested in the matters of strengths and weaknesses. It must be the influence of Manga.
Now, he seems to be researching a beautiful way to win. What a hardworking fellow.
Oh well, since he is such a strong person, I didn’t think that he would let his imagination run wild for such useless things.

While I was surprised by the entry of Ramiris and co, the match showed a new development.
Arnold’s sword attacks were easily repelled by Beretta’s arm. Although it continued for some time.....

Ootto, Contestant Arnaud’s attacks cannot pass at all?
Is he going easy on his opponent? But if these are serious attacks then is he unworthy to be called the strongest Holy Knight!(Souka)

That brief comment was a sharp wound.
But those words couldn’t disturb Arnold’s mind yet.

Hah. Every attack so far was for the sake of a plan. Look below it’s feet everyone!(Arnaud)

Trying to look good, Arnaud pointed below Beretta’s feet.
There, a magic formation was drawn without anyone having become aware.
At the intervals between the sword attacks, without being noticed he had been drawing the formation by scattering silver dust.
He was a skillful man.
However, to be able to fight with this method, it seems he wasn’t a simple muscle brain.

Activate! Holy FieldWeak version!(Arnaud)

So Arnaud shouted after he throws the Shuriken[11] with Barrier Tag[12] attached to them in four directions.
Crystals were embedded in the handle of the Shuriken. Apparently, they were charged with Magic power, so it seems to enable the invocation of the barrier in a short time span.
Although he said it was weak version, to able set up Holy Field by himself..........
It seems that Arnaud is a man who cannot be underestimated.
However, the equipment was made by Kurobee for Arnaud to test[13], so frankly it can be said that Kurobee was his contributor........
It seems that after doing various experiments with Arnaud, the two got along well with each other.
Thanks to that, the quality of weapons from Tempest seems to have increased as well. It’s really a great thing.

Normally, although it is just a weak version of the Holy Field, most people would succumb to it when confined inside.
It might be that only some of the executives would be able to cancel such a barrier.
Is there even a method to completely capture Benimaru and Souei?
Because the ability compatibility was only to this extent, I was unable to judge its strength and weakness.
And, in the current situation, the compatibility was very bad. And for Arnaud...

It’s useless. Because of the ability given to me by Rimuru-sama, I don’t suffer the effects of Holy Field.(Beretta)

Beretta moves to counterattack against Arnaud for the first time while informing him indifferently.
It can be understood that Arnaud’s sword attacks were not effective because Beretta has physical attack nullification.
Also its body was created using Magic Steel.
Beretta’s fist was clad in helical mix of Youki and Aura[14] emitted from the Unique SkillSaint-Demon Fusion[15], then it fired that bizarre energy.
The disposition was similar to Energy Combat Arts[16]Aura Blade, but the power had increased tremendously.
It’s also possible to shoot it at high speed.
Though it seems not to have been concentrated to the level of penetration like Benimaru’s, the constant touki that clad its whole body was still beautiful without any blemish.
The level was different from the irregular touki that Dagura emits.
The power was not just simple Youki and Aura, one blow from that fist could be considered a Finishing Move[17].
Beretta who shifted over to offensive let out an attack with fearsome precision.
The spectators seemed to see the match as a great one, but my eyes couldn’t be deceived.  
Beretta hadn’t shown its true power. It only fought with 30% of its power.

Fufu! How’s dat! How’s about dat! My Beretta, seriously cool!(Ramiris)

Ramiris flew around my surroundings, boasting with a self-satisfied look.
Not enough to only show it to me, she was also boasting to Veldora and Milim.
Veldora only replied,Humph, even so I am stronger!but,

Fufun[18], it’s okay for you to be excited now.
Tomorrow my Lion Mask will dismantle your Beretta, I’m sure of it!(Milim)

Not wanting to lose, Milim answered back to Ramiris.
Geez, is this a children’s squabble?
Furthermore, don’t you think we should have worried about the pitiful Arnaud-san?
The brutal announcer herded him into a situation where he couldn’t surrender, so his situation was hopeless.
Or rather, won’t Arnaud’s spirit[19] be broken by this?
Just with this, my own assessment of him considerably increased.

When the fight between Ramiris and Milim ended, the match had also ended.
Of course, it was a victory for Beretta.
Arnaud used a Special Move he calls “Meteor Slash[20]” or something like that, but the sword broke and crumbled when came in contact with Beretta’s body.
Oh well, it was natural that the sword lost its durability after striking the hunk of steel that is Beretta’s body continuously.
The weapon will accumulate damage little by little even if the weapon is clad with touki.
Even though his sword was broken the match continued.
But Arnaud conceded defeat, and so the match ended.
His sword being broken was just an excuse. In reality, he wasn’t able to land a single hit on Beretta.
However, since the spectators didn’t know about it, the skillful announcer followed up Arnaud.
Unfortunately because his sword has broken, he must reluctantly surrender from the match.With such an explanation, the spectators understood.
Souka, I will treat you to a meal! So I thought with teary eyes, somehow she gave a skillful commentary. However I pretended not to know about it.
Arnaud’s honor was protected. That is good.

Thus, the fifth match ended with Beretta’s victory.


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[1]相手をする事になった: can mean: become his opponent, or alternatively become his playmate (or plaything).
[2] Pretty Girl/Beauty.
[3] She is using yo, an archaic first person pronoun that mainly associated with King or Emperor. You might see it on this webnovel used for Kings (e.x Edomalis) and Rimuru (when he tried to talk like a King.)
[4] Diferent from Empress Elmesia that use formal Japanese sentence construct, Rimuru use more casual (although not rude) with the Empress.
[5] I think this refer to Daimyo or ruler that come from commoner background (like Hideyoshi Toyotomi)
[6] Japanese Idiom赤子の手を捻る Akagonotewohineru = exceptionally easy like taking candy from a baby/ as easy as twisting a baby’s hand. Souei One-hit kill Dagura.
[7] 人造人間(ホムンクルス) = Jinzouningen (Homunkurusu) | Artificial  Human (Homunculus).
[8] Alt: Cowardly behavior.
[9] Veldora’s Ultimate Skill (Faust) ability Probability Manipulation (確率操作 Kakuritsu Sousa)  確率= Probability/Chances | 操作 = Operation/Manipulation/Management.
[10] Alt: Things/matches to see.
[11] Yup Shuriken just like the one Ninja uses. (e.x Na*uto).  
[12] Kekkai Fuda (結界) = Barrier Tag, if you are fan of Naru*o you will know this item.
[13] Alt: for Arnaud as he was the test subject.
[14] 霊気 Reiki | Can be translated as Aura but can also mean Spirit/Divine Energy as can mean energy| Fun fact:and  can mean the same spirit. Btw Reiki is friend of touki and youki (watch YYH.)
[15] 聖魔混合 Hijiri Ma kongou | = Saint/Holy/Sacred, = Demon/Magic, 混合= Mixture/Union/Fusion.
[16] 〈気闘法〉Kitouhou. = Energy/Life force/Prana/Chi/Qi/Ki = Fight/Combat/Battle =Way/Method/Tactic/Act. Simplify Fighting Spirit.
[17] 必殺技 Hissatsuwaza = Finisher, Finishing Move, Special Move/Attack, Killer Technique, Surefire Assassination method or a Move you use at the end of the fight sure you defeat your enemy in one Heck of a cool attack that make them explode in the background while you are walking to camera direction in Sloooowwwwmooo  XD.
[18] Sound of laughing proudly
[19] Kokoro/Shin can mean Mind/Heart/Spirit.
[20] 流星斬= Ryuuseizan = METEOR SLASH!!!!!


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