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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - Chapter 134

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Leon vs Yuuki –Part Two-

The battle between Leon and Yuuki began.
The air flickered with light, and the ground was blown away by the shock.
Even Chloe who hadn’t moved was hit by the aftermath of the shock. Kagali who hid behind Chloe, ducked her head and opened her eyes wide.

Time,time out! What in the world is happening here!?

It was a high-speed battle, too quick for Kagali to perceive, she could only see traces of it.
Which side has the advantage? The result is unknown.

At a glance, the situation seems even. However.....
I see that Leon Onii-chan’s still holds the advantage and has lead the situation as he desired.

I’m not very good at analyzing, Chloe spoke while thinking that, as they watched the fight. 

Haa? That’s a bit vague. Then, which side will win?

Chloe remained silent for a while,

If the conditions remain just as they are now, Leon Onii-chan will win

She declared.

Hmm. Whatever. Although I will declare something too, Yuuki-sama will not be defeated. Definitely.

Kagali forcefully made an assertion.
Chloe glanced at Kagali and neither denied nor confirmed her assertion.
The Black Knight Claude said nothing and put down his held up hand. Claude, who had been seriously injured by Leon’s blow, was now fully healed. He was amazed that even the black armor was completely restored.
Gently putting her finger over the wide-eyed Claude’s lip, Chloe slightly shook her head. With just that she drove Claude out of her mind and Chloe returned her focus to Leon and Yuuki’s fight.
The Black Knight Claude stood up beside Chloe without saying anything.

Hey, can you see the fight between those two?

Kagali asked Claude who had stood up.
However, Claude only answered with a nod instead of words.

Tch. You seemed to be monstrous enough to be capable of following such a fight with your eyes.
Well, it’s ok. After all, it will be a victory for Yuuki-sama, you should ascertain the victory of your new master as well.

After saying that much, Kagali sat down on a convenient rock with an uninterested expression.
Of course, she sat in a spot where Chloe could still act as a barrier and protect her.
Their level of combat was far above what she could perceive, and Kagali didn’t even have the slightest bit of experience necessary to comprehend the fight anyway. What’s more, this girl fully believed in Yuuki’s victory, so she didn’t have any interest in watching the battle.
Claude, unlike Kagali, was still bewildered by his current situation.
However, after being admonished by Chloe, he didn’t dare foolishly reveal his current state. Actually, his consciousness, thanks to Chloe, had returned to the him still pledging his allegiance to Leon.
Chloe’s ability was not to recovery. The true nature of it was rewinding time.
She rewound time to make it so that the situation where Yuuki did the Overwrite never happened. Without changing the surroundings’ time, it was possible to use the ability to affect only limited number of people.
This ability was the ultimate power. It is not limited to erasing damage, but even abnormal status――in other words, fatigue or even death―― will become nonexistent.
However, it’s unfortunate that the Red’s revival was impossible. Because Yuuki used his depriving ability, there was no way to interfere.
Although it was an absolute power, it was not almighty.
Chloe knew that well. Besides, she had just acquired the ability and could not wield it fully.
Her wish to revive the Red Knight was difficult to fulfill.
There was no one that would condemn her, however she looked at the Red Knight with a sad expression.
There was nothing that she could do, since she couldn’t move without permission.
While letting out a sigh, Chloe focused on the fight.
Leon and Yuuki. The fight between those two had just begun.
However, as Chloe’s eyes focused, she saw clearly that the state of the fight had changed greatly.

Yuuki felt a deep regret for his erroneous impression.
He had underestimated his opponent.
Leon Cromwell, a newcomer Demon Lord.
A former Human, the Demon Lord who defeated Kagali=Kazaream.
Because Kagali was too weak, it could be said that he had estimated Leon’s power as being low.
Fortunately, thanks to the fact that an Ultimate Skill had awakened in him, he couldcontinue fighting. He was certain that if he hadn’t acquired the skill he would have already been defeated.
(Or rather, I didn’t think that he was this strong)
He kept thinking as warded off the blow from the light that was unleashed towards him.
He could feel that his energy was reduced by a large amount when warding attacks. If this situation continued, his defeat was merely a matter of time.
Yuuki’s ability specialized in stealing things. Its main use was to take the enemy’s energy. With this ability, he could recover his power while he attacked, so normally this ability could be called omnipotent in attack and defense.
That’s the case when the opponent is not Leon.
The attribute of Leon’s ability is Light=Purification. This attribute specialized in purifying demons, in other words, it’s an ability fitting for a Hero.
Because this person was a Demon Lord, Yuuki couldn’t help but feel that the ironic situation was a great big joke.
Though there was no use in complaining, Yuuki’s acquired ability was part of the demon series[1], meaning it had a demonic attribute[2]. Every time he attacked, he received purification, meaning he received damage.
Much of the energy that he’d stolen had been purified. Furthermore, he couldn’t evade the opponent’s attack and he can’t help but to notice the large amount of damage he received with each encounter.
(This isn’t good, right? I will lose if this situation continues.)
He thought about his next plan optimistically.
In the worst case scenario, he could involve Chloe. However, he wished to avoid that. It would become difficult to lead the world to destruction if he did that.
The reason was simple. It would become impossible for him to defeat the strongest entities in this world known as Guy Crimson and Milim Nava.
And Rimuru as well.
Yuuki’s intuition told him that the Slime he met was an abnormality. Its growth speed was abnormal, and his gaze was impenetrable. That gaze felt uncomfortable, so he had judged that it was impossible to ignore Rimuru.
(—I never thought that Rimuru-san could see through my true nature…Still, I get the feeling it will be dangerous if I don’t get rid of that person quickly.)
For such a thing, it was preferable to use Chloe.
Two strong people and one dangerous person.
Yuuki had judged Milim was someone that could easily be deceived. Therefore the real problem was Guy and Rimuru.
Yuuki felt uneasy leaving Guy as Chloe’s only opponent. Therefore he was going to get rid of Rimuru.
After that, he would make Chloe fight Guy, it was a plan to get rid of the two of them at the same time.
It seemed it would be difficult to defeat Rimuru later if he used Chloe now.
Feeling such a premonition, Yuuki didn’t give Chloe an order.
Well then, what did he need to do right now?
The best he could do in the contract he made with Chloe was for her not to disrupt Yuuki’s decree. However it wasn’t a problem for petty orders. Chloe probably was a good natured person, so if he requested it of her, she might listen.
But withdrawing from here would still be impossible even if she protected Yuuki and the rest.
(If it had been Rimuru and Ruminas that had come over, it would have gone just as planned…)
Yuuki let out a sigh and decided to discard his hesitation and use his trump card.
He regretted that he had misunderstood Leon’s strength, and after he escaped he needed to reflect on this. He needed to make a decision soon, since his eminent defeat wouldn’t be a joke.

Haha, Leon. I’m sorry. I underestimated you too much.
Therefore, I’ve decide to use my trump card!
Fu, do as you like. It will be useless.
After putting up such a bluff, please don’t say something cowardly okay?

Yuuki activated the combined ability ofSummonerand his Ultimate SkillAvaricious King Mammon, and a very large magic circle began to appear on the ground. Within the circle were numerous corpses composed of Yuuki’s subordinates and the Red Knight. Their bodies began to expand and became lumps of flesh. Then the wriggling, wicked thing that crawled out of Yuuki’s magic circle mixed with the lumps of flesh…
It let out a roar in fury.

In the past, the originator of the dragon race, “Star King Dragon Veldanava,” had given his daughter a dragon as guardian (pet)[3].
The dragon possessing great power had fallen into a trap and was killed by a certain kingdom.
When the girl, it’s master, evolved, its body was changed into a chaos dragon, full of fiendish power.
Unfortunately, it lacked a soul, making it transcend beyond the confines of good and evil into an incarnation of destruction.
It was said that the girl, grieving over the sad twist of fate, sealed the dragon where nobody would find it.
However, after many years and months had passed, miasma[4] was released from its body, running the surrounding nature.
Naturally, the Freedom Association received requests to investigate the cause of the wicked miasma.

Awaken, Chaos Dragon! Your true master is me!

Using the awakened dragon, he was going to get rid of the pursuing Demon Lord.
In his original plan, he was going to escape while the dragon rampaged.
However, it was different now. Right now, by using the Ultimate SkillGreedy King Mammon, the Chaos Dragon’s master was Yuuki.
The Chaos Dragon that had just awakened, released an overwhelming pressure, and absorbed the surrounding magic power to build up its own power.
As a direct descendent of the dragon race, its total length exceeded 20m.
Right now, the strongest dragon moved according to Yuuki’s will.
The roar and miasmic breath it spouted corroded the rocky surface and the arbor, from the hillside to the summit, crumbled.
This was the Chaos Dragon’s ability, Chaotic Breath.
Yuuki sported a proud smile and Kagali turned pale.
Though it wasn’t visible in Claude’s expression, it looked like he believed in his master Leon.
Chloe clenched her fist. If by any chance Leon was defeated, she decided she would destroy the Chaos Dragon with her own hands.

Hahaha! What do you think? This is something that you can’t deal with so easily.
Right now, if you swear fidelity to me, I will gladly make you my companion, how does that sound?

Leon laughed scornfully at Yuuki’s proposal.
He had predicted this development. Furthermore, he hadn’t obstructed the summoning.
That was because…

As expected, it was a Chaos Dragon――.
You’re a fool, to revive a revenant from ancient times, do you wish to incur the wrath of the Dragon Princess Milim?
It will be transmitted to Milim as soon as I cut the soul’s connection.
It the end for you, Kagurazaka Yuuki.
......I see. You realized it and didn’t let me do as I pleased.
Even so, won’t you already be dead before Milim arrives?
Fufu, do you want to try and see?

Erasing his expression, Yuuki gave an order to the Chaos Dragon.
Kill the enemy before you!
The Chaos Dragon was certainly strong. Its power was second to the “Dragon Kind” and seemed to reign as the strongest monster that appeared in nature.
However, this mindless monster didn’t have any wisdom. It was an incarnation of violence that just rampaged and attacked without reason.
In case the previous Demon Lords hadn’t awakened, it might have exceeded them in brute force and overwhelming energy. However…
Leon was a genius, moreover his attribute was Light=Purification.
His existence was such that could be called the natural enemy of the Chaos Dragon.

I will say it once more. You are underestimating me.
The reason I deliberately gave you time for the summoning was to showthe difference between our powers and that what you have done today, in this place, is fruitless.
 I will show you a piece of my power!

Leon was wrapped in a golden light whilehe talked.
Golden Wings, constructed with pure light energy, appeared on his back.
His wings resembled the wings of the angel race, but in reality his wings were totally a stream of light itself.
And, he held the Flame Pillar (Holy Flame Rapier)[5], which had manifested in his right hand.
It was a Mythical class (Gods)[6] rapier, the strongest sword in Leon’s possession. A pattern of beautiful bluish white flame stood out on its flexible, thin blade.
Leon held a Golden Circle (Golden Round Shield)[7] in his left hand and the rapier in his right.
It was a legend class shield as good as armor, but it had high defense ability because it was mixed with Leon’s Holy Aura. In reality, the shield could suppress the damage from an attack of demonic attribute by reducing up to half of it with purification.
Fully armed, Leon glanced at Yuuki who’d lost his smile and then moved his eyes to Chaos Dragon as though he had lost interest in Yuuki.
And then,

It seems I will incur Milim’s hostility if I kill you. Since that’s the case, I will only make you fall asleep again!
Oh Holy spirits, flutter! Triangle Pyramid (Sacred Tetrahedron Demon Sealing Barrier)[8]!!

A small tetrahedron with four pillars made from crystallized spirits grew large and in accordance to Leon’s will, it wrapped around the Chaos Dragon.
This was the ultimate holy attribute barrier that even surpassed Holy Field.
The Barrier that Leon had constructed was given the [effecteternity], where the captured person was confined. It was a high-class sealing technique that rivaledInfinite Prison. No, the effect may even surpassInfinite Prisonif the target had a demonic attribute.
With the existence of this barrier, Leon could possibly win against Guy just once. Of course, if it was Guy, he would instantly sense the danger of the barrier, and not get caught by it. Therefore, not to bedisparaging, but the success rate against Guy was only about 1 in 1000 attempts.
However, if the target was a mindless monster, it couldn’t defend against this technique.
The poor Chaos Dragon struggled to break the seal, but its resistance was futile.
Furthermore, when the barrier’s effect activated, it sucked the magic power from the Chaos Dragon and used it to reinforce the barrier’s strength. When it came to this, its movements were already sealed.
It wasn’t like the lifecycle barrier that Milim had erected, no matter how much energy the Chaos Dragon possessed, as it was, it could vanish before 100 years had passed.
In this matter, Leon thought that Milim could possibly resent him for this, but if he released the seal and handed it over to Milim then it would be fine. It would be troublesome to incur Milim’s wrath, but it wasn’t really something that he should be thinking of right now. He modified the barrier settings, so that it would immediately be buried under the ground.
In the end, the Chaos Dragon was sealed again in instant by Leon.
This could not be called a battle, it was an event symbolizing Leon’s overwhelming strength.

Well then, did your trump card end with this? If it’s over, it’s my turn now.

Leon looked at Yuuki and spoke mercilessly.
Leon had completely settled the situation in his favor and Yuuki’s chance of victory could be deemed as nonexistent.

Ahahahaha! I never thought that a Demon Lord was amazing, to this degree!
Honestly, I underestimated it. Even so, I already took the source of that dragon’s power, I don’t need it anymore.
I have restored the damage I received from you.
Then, should I get serious now?

Exactly as stated by Yuuki, his both hands were covered with dragon scales,his body is was covered by the same miasma that had covered the Chaos Dragon not long ago.
It was almost like it had transformed into an ominous black armor resembling the scales of dragon.
Leon recalled the buried barrier to himself,

You bastard!

He shouted at Yuuki.
The Chaos Dragon became bone, it weathered and then crumbled.
It was the result of the dragon losing its power. Just as Yuuki had said, he had deprived it of its very core.
With this, Milim’s wrath is! The moment Leon thought about that――

Do you think now is the right time to worry about that?

Yuuki leapt behind Leon’s with a speed incomparable to before.
And delivered a strong kick to Leon’s back.
Yuuki, who had taken the power of the dragon,had become a Dragon Warrior.He put more effort into the fight,

Don’t get cocky, you insect!

Golden lights were emitted intensely and completely dyed the area pure white.
Inside the torrent of light that blinded people’s eyes was Leon who stood glaring angrily at Yuuki, his body wrapped in white-gold armor.
The 36 pairs of 72 wings appeared once more on his back. They had vanished when he had used barrier before, but it manifest again when Leon’s virtually unlimited holy aura was released.

Light Angel Leon vs Dragon Warrior Yuuki

The fight was settled in an instant.
Leon, who burned with anger, delivered intense attacks towards Yuuki without giving him the chance to counterattack.
With a flowing elegant thrusting speed that approach the speed of light, Leon’s Flame Pillar made Yuuki’s entire body instantly became bloody.
The ominous black armor that was the crystallization of the Chaos Dragon’s power was smashed to pieces, unable to withstand the sword endowed with the power of purification.
As for the difference in power, the gap was vast, like that between an adult and a child.
(Damn, it can’t be... to this extent...)
Yuuki, felt his own ego weakening, seemingly disappearing.
If this situationcontinued, it would not be not good. If things kept going like this, his defeat was certain.
Above all.......

――Well then, will it be my turn soon?
(Not yet, I’m not defeated yet!)

Yuuki gathered up his disappearing consciousness,

Didn’t I said it would be useless? You are not even capable of following my movement

Yuuki lost sight of Leon, who was standing in front of him, and his left arm is cut by Leon’s Flame Pillar and flung away.
An acute pain attacked Yuuki, and his control of the power had already become unsteady.
He fell to the ground and crouched down. His severed arm stopped bleeding, and he glared at Leon who hovered over him, looking down at him.
The outcome was already determined. Yuuki seemed to have misunderstood Leon’s overwhelming strength.
The difference between the strength he took from the ancient dragon, the power of the Chaos Dragon, and Leon’s was not good.
It was just like Leon had said, even if he awoke an Ultimate Skill, the difference in the ability was like heaven and earth.

It’s the end

Just as Leon declares the ultimatum, a multi-layered 3D magic circle formed with Leon in the center and took in Yuuki.
The magic circle kept radiating and flickering in a radiant color, and then it was completed in an instant.

Perish, “Holy Breakdown (36th Style Annihilation’s Light of Holy Spirit Purification)[9]”!

Twinkling lights radiated from his 36 pairs of wings.
When the lights collided with the layered barrier, they were reflected irregularly and filled the inside of the barrier with light.
It was a wild dance of photons that broke down the things it touched. It was Leon’s greatest and strongest wide area annihilation ability.
The annihilation percentage inside the limited space covered by the barrier was 100%, it was an inescapable technique.
Yuuki who was still crouched down on the ground with his severed left arm, had his body mercilessly pierced by the lights.
When the inside of the barrier is filled with lights, photons are generated, and the ability concludes.
This ability generatesenergy several thousand times greater than the “Disintegration” that Hinatahad used, and all objects within the barrier are disintegrated.
And then, the inside of the barrier was filled with lights.
A flash.
When the magic circle disappeared, the lights calmed down.
There’s was only one person standing on the ground.
However, that person seemed unhappy,

So, he escaped, huh

He muttered.
Standing on the ground alone was Leon.
Yuuki who had confirmed Leon’s overwhelming strength and realized his own defeat, had decided to retreat when his left arm was cut off.
At that moment, he had made the full use of his maximum strength and earned a little time with Thought Guidance.
The perfect chance to escape appeared when Leon was concentrating on the constructing the barrier.
However, one ought to praise Yuuki. His stubbornness deserved appreciation, he didn’t surrender until the end of the fight.
But, that didn’t change the fact that he ran away. Leon, had promised to cooperate with the two demon lords, and when he thought about the possibility Milim would turn her rage towards him, he felt depressed.

Good grief, I must be more serious.

It seems that the goal of obtaining Chloe’s freedom would be delayed a bit longer, since Yuuki had escaped
This strategy was a complete failure.
It could be said that the moment Yuuki succeeded in retreating, he had strategically won the war. Leon had won the battle but lost the war.
As Leon thought of the future, there was a complete lack of the taste of victory, and he sighed.

[1]  悪魔系 Akuma Kei – Demon series/system.
[2]  魔属性 Ma Zokusei – Demon/Devil/Evil/Demonic/Magic Attribute/Property.
[3]  護衛竜(ペット) Goei Ryuu (Petto) – Guardian Dragon = Pet. This dragon will get more role later (Spoiler! XD).
[4]  瘴気 Shouki – Miasma, Noxious gas. Players of Tales of’ Series will know what this is. 
[5] 聖炎細剣(フレイムピラー) Hijiri Honoo Hosoken (Flame Pillar). Hosoken can mean thin/slender sword = Rapier (Asuna from S*O use this as her weapon). 
[6] 神話級(ゴッズ) Shinwa Kyuu (Gozzu).
[7] 黄金円盾(ゴールドサークル) Ougon Entate (gōrudosākuru)
[8] 対魔封三角錐聖結界(トライアングル・ピラミッド) – Tai Ma Fuu Sankakusui Hijiri Kekkai (Toraianguru Piramiddo) can mean Tetrahedron-shaped Holy Barrier to Seal the Demonic Being.  
[9] 36式聖浄化霊子撃滅光崩(ホーリーブレイクダウン) 36 Shiki Hijiri Jouka Reiko Gekimetsu Hikaruihou (Hōrībureikudaun).


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