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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - Chapter 139

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The Whole Story of the Assembly

Yesterday’s cake was delicious.
Therefore, I will visit again in order to heal my weary mind after the tiring conference.
As expected of the royal capital of Ingrasia Kingdom where the Freedom Association’s Headquarters was located.
Yuuki actually did a good job.
He searched for “World Travelers” and sheltered them. Not just people with high ability but those with knowledge and those familiar with technology as well. Since I was mainly obsessed with food, I could learn something from this.
To be honest, there was no satisfaction in a meal at the level of a frontier village. Modern Japan was too luxurious.
Only one boiled potato every day and a tasteless soup made with bitter grass. Such meal was the norm.
Because salt was a high-class item, food that had flavor was precious.
Even bread, since it was eaten when hard, would be nothing more than a hardship.To try and improve the food was a very natural action, but whether or not it was possible was different issue.
Just like with me, the images formed with the knowledge of the former world might not be conveyed properly to the other party. It would be certain that there would be many attempted trial and errors between a “World Traveler” with common sense and the other party.
I could pretty much estimate that much.
Thanks to their efforts, I could eat a cake, even in this world.
Although the reason I came to Ingrasia Kingdom’s royal capital was to participate in the Council’s conference, I believed this issue could be more important than that.

Today’s goal was negotiating with the shopkeeper to see if he would share his recipe.
Shuna said she could make an identical cake, but it would require several months of research in order to make one at the same level.
I greeted Kirsch-san,[1] the shopkeeper. I wanted to ask him to teach Shuna how to make it.
The recipe might have been a secret, but even if it was useless, I had continued to ask him.

Aah? You want learn how to make my cake?
Do you think a treasured recipe can be taught to other so easily?!
I’m glad that you liked the cake, but this was made with the effort of many people.
So it can’t be taught to others so easily.

Oh well, it was a natural reaction.
There are similar shops in many places in this town, but after my eating spree and comparing them to each other, only this shop had the real deal.
It was certain that the other shops only imitated this shop. This shopkeeper could also be another “World Traveler.”

Could you please do something about that?

Shuna asked politely while lowering her head.
It was a refined movement that placed her both hands together and bent at the waist beautifully, charmed all who saw it.

......guu. I, I won’t fall to sucha seductive technique!
But, I will think about it, if you can make a dish that can satisfy me, anything is ok.

It seems Shuna was able to draw out a compromise. I was prepared to have to research it in the worst case scenario, but Shuna’s dishes are first class.
It might go well.

Shuna-san. Cook to your heart’s content and end this!
Make that conceited shopkeeper moan by the supreme dish!
Yes. I understand!

Shuna was motivated.
The cake had instigated a fire in Shuna’s spirit.
Shuna borrowed the kitchen and prepared the supreme dish.
It was Tamagoyaki[2].
The supreme dish, that was said could make someone understand the cook’s skill, was Tamagoyaki.
Kirsch-san stared at the given plate and gulping, he swallowed his saliva. Saying nothing, with a fork, he put a mouthful Tamagoyaki into his mouth.


It was a single blow.
With Shuna’s dish’s overwhelming power, Kirsch-san acknowledged Shuna.

Thank you very much

A charming smile floated on Shuna’s face.
Things had concluded. As the smile pierced his heart, Kirsch-san seemed to fall completely.

Tchi. It can’t be help! It’s a special occasion, okay?

The muscular Ossan responded to Shuna with a shy smile.
Honestly, I could only say he was acting dere-dere[3]. Oh well, it couldn’t be helped, Shuna’s pale pink hair suited her well, and she was a lovely girl.
Kirsch began to teach Shuna how to make the cake in the kitchen.
Benimaru and I ordered a drink similar to coffee from the clerk, and thought about the conference earlier while waiting for Shuna.


When I had arrived at the assembly hall where the conference was held, several Council members came to greet me.
I heard many stories from the people who came to visit the Tournament, it seemed they wanted to tie diplomatic relations with me.
I considered the future appeal and interacted sociably with them.

Ahahahaha. Rimuru-dono, though you are called a Demon Lord, aren’t you very sociable!
Oh my, you’re quite right. From now on please call me as you see fit.
By the way, I hear that you produce many interesting items?
Would you mind allowing our country to handle those goods?
Oh, about that. We’re in the feel the same. We also expect your cooperation.
Of course, the appropriate remuneration would be――saying more than this would be tasteless, right

Ah, yes.
What should I call it...this speechless feeling?
This wasn’t even being rude anymore!
I had believed the other party might have been a noble, it might have been a failure for me to act modestly. It seemed they had misunderstood my response considerably.
Oh well, it was troublesome. Even if I didn’t particularly distribute goods to these fellows, it could still be distributed by the guild――as the organization under the Arbitration committee.

Ah, is that so. Please take care of me at that time

Let’s go with a strategy of juggling conversations without any meaning.
This was a conversation between adults. It was a talk of “If you want to buy something, come buy it yourself!”
I refused the impolite Council member with a smile and left the place after I had finished giving light greetings.
In the midst of a lengthy talk, another committee member also approached.
Although my mood had been ruined since the morning, I endured since I could possibly request something here, and entered the meeting place.

And then the conference began...from then on was the true hell.
At the last meeting, the agenda Hinata had proposed was to appeal for our cooperation. I had heard it from her.
The defense would be entrusted to our country, and a constant amount of money would be paid. Given that the other party was certainly going to use us, we too would use the other party.
Oh well, we were equal in this regard. Anyway we were located on the Empire’s invasion route. If the war happened, it was natural for the rear to work together.
Also, if they paid the defense fee, of course I would accept. I didn’t have any reason to refuse.
And then there was the real issue.
The purpose of participating in this conference was to make them a hand over their surplus forces.
In other words, I would show off the monster’s power and the powerful military strength in my possession.
Each country would pay us their defense budget, and we would be used for good. However, in fact each country possessed large military forces, their size enabled each country to ignore Tempest.
Tempest had already been recognized as a country. Because we were aiming for co-existence and co-prosperity with human society we should hesitate to hold a role of the defense force for the Confederation.
Besides, by giving support it would be possible to demonstrate our military force to watchful eyes of many countries. It was a strategy that killed two birds with one stone.
Hinata had said that she had also aimed for this.
The soldiers under the direct control of the committee only included a few Holy Knights. Therefore, by building a base for us, they could entrust the emergency response to us.
I approved of that plan, even if I was being used by others I had also intended to make a profit off of them.

How did things turn out like this?
The desk I had kicked up was floating in the air and when it fell I pulverized into very small piece with my heel.
I crossed my legs, sat on the chair arrogantly, and glared at the Council members who turned pale. They looked at me in surprise and I let out a sigh in my mind.
No, I had endured it at first.
Even as an adult, I was considered someone with a heart wider than a sea. I could even brag that this was as famous as the stories of my recent activities.
As someone who was called the embodiment of patience, dealing with the Milim’s selfishness was my forte. Because I had a vast, spacious heart, I could even laugh and forgive Milim’s selfishness.
What about the committee ossans[4] and their selfishness covered in greed that didn’t have any charm?
The answer to that was the large desk that was crushed before their eyes.

Ah, you guys. Are you making fun of me?
Saying whatever you please, am I your servant?
Aah? Don’t think I don’t know even though I remained silent!

In the conference room that had fallen silent, my voice resounded calmly.
I didn’t shout but my voice seemed to inflict the mind of the Council member with fear.
I also did not use theDemon Lord’s Haki.
Because, if I used it on human, the best case would be they panicked, and the worst case would be they become insane and died in madness.
The brainwashing series was usable, but all possibilities of friendship with humans would vanish if I used it. I didn’t have the hobby of spending time with uninteresting dolls that can only answer YES for the remainder of its life.
In other words, I only got angry and broke the desk this time, it was just a normal intimidation tactic.
But, the effect was still great. 

No, no,Rimuru-dono We didn’t say it with such an intent...

In the first place, it was that.
To address someone of a higher standing and a King of a country with “Dono”.
Even if we held the status of a country, they only treated me like the king of a vassal nation, not as equal country.
I was sure these fellows were looking down on monsters.
And the contents of the discussion from a while ago...
Geez, share the blueprints for the magic train, give the rights for joint management of the labyrinth, hands over the tax from the people who lived in the satellite town and not the citizens of Tempest…
It was just stating their selfish demands.
I was a Demon Lord, for cripes sake! Because of this, I expected to be treated with proper respect, however they were just acting in an extremely unreasonable manner.
Even if they were nobles who represented their nations, my generous heart had reached its limit.
No, I would say that Yuuki was quite a clever fox if he could lead such tanukis[5] by the nose. It was impossible for me.

Notification. Therefore, I told you I would be the one represent it

Raphael seemed to say something but it might just have been my imagination.
Raphael-san who was just a skill should not have able to intrude freely to such an extent.
I was too angry and seemed to have heard an auditory hallucination. But, it was good since it allowed me to collect myself a little.

Eh? Then, what kind of intent of what you want to relay?
Are you telling me to work like a carriage horse as your guys slave?
N, no! That’s unthinkable! We don’t have such intent...

I shifted my focus onto the Council member who had spoken franticly, and suddenly I had an odd feeling.
That fellow’s eyes were facing towards the inner part of the conference room’s door.
When I listened carefully, I heard several footsteps. Apparently, he seemed to have called the guard.
When I noticed that, the door was flung open and several soldiers and a large man entered.

Oh oh, so energetic. Are you an idiot to call yourself a Demon Lord?
But, you only brought three attendants, aren’t you bragging too much?
If I beat you and put you under my thumb, you monsters will be at my mercy!

The large man immediately barked loudly as he entered.
Eh? What?
You’re going to beat me and turn me into your minion?
What is this fellow talking about? Did I become dumb? I didn’t really understand what this fellow was saying.

Solution. This large man (Fool), says that he will win against master and turn you into a minion

I could understand that!
If it was explained one on one with serious look, I would be really dumb.

Oi..... Is this the consensus of the assembly?

In reply to the question posed by my tired self,

Are you an idiot? Of course it is! Or, are you frightened?
If you grovel and lick my shoes now, I won’t make you feel pain.

The large man answered with vulgar laughter.
But amongst the Council members there were some who were stiffin fear and confusion,

I didn’t hear about this. What is this about?
Who instigated this?
That soldier is wearing armor bearing the crest of the Ingrasia royal family.
That means, this is Ingrasia’s instigation?

I was able to hear such response from an obviously unrelated, a perplexed person and a person who had made a calm judgment.
That meant that this matter is not a decision by the assembly, it was just a reckless show of power? Oh well, it seemed Hinata didn’t know about this, and it was certainly not a unanimous decision either.
I made such a judgment.

Oi, don’t enter without permission.
The Council’s assembly hall is in the middle of a conference right now.
You guys, this is not behavior becoming of a soldier

Hinata calmly demanded the large man and his group to leave.

Hahaha, Hinata-dono. It’s fine.
It is I[6] who called them. It’s to teach that outlaw a lesson
Gavan-dono[7], did you lose your mind?
Though I didn’t hear about this before.......
Or rather, didn’t you guys hand the authority of the Council’s decision over to me?

Hinata’s voice lowered and become cold.
Ah, she seemed to be quite seriously angry. I thought it was certainly due to that fool’s judgment.

Shut up, woman. Ah?
I don’t know if you’re the former Holy Knight leader or what, but I am the leader of the Ingrasia Chivalric Guard Order, Reiner-sama[8] is not your enemy.
Didn’t you wet yourself with piss running away after being defeated by that meager Demon Lord? Right, oh Holy Knight Leader-sama.
Anyway, that position too was merely a decoration you obtained after seducing a sex-minded cardinal.[9]
Even if a small fry fought you, it would be a poor and boring fight. To lack the resolution to kill the Demon Lord, it’s ridiculous!
But well...your appearance isn’t that bad. If you want to become my woman, it would be okay for me to love you as my beloved concubine

Ah, this fellow is dead meat.
Hinata’s expression didn’t change. Her cold, beautiful face was like normal.
However, contrasting with her cold outward appearance, inside she seemed to be raging like magma.

Whoa, Reiner-kyou[10]. Isn’t that a little vulgar?
Still, I’m interested in the Demon Lord as well. Monopolizing it wouldn’t be good.
That’s right.
I forgot to mention it, but this Sir Reiner is an A rank Adventurer that could also defeat the Hero.
He’s stronger than you all, no matter how many of you there are.
Don’t be conceited when you’re just have a little bit of strength.

Suddenly, as that was announced in a loud voice, a hard to describe chill ran down my back.
It was disgusting. This ossan could even provoke me who was difficult to provoke. What a terrible talent.

――Oi, you all... Is that, the decision of the Ingrasia Kingdom?

Hinata asked in a calm voice that didn’t let you feel her anger.

Fufu, that’s right. Since the Council, already has passed its decision.
Well, though the voting is going to start now.

A blond young man stood up and said that.
The meeting hall was filled with commotion and excitement.

Elric-ouji[11]――. Is this by your instigation?
That’s right, Hinata. You should sit

This idiot, no, this prince, is the mastermind behind this?
He seemed to be the prince of Ingrasia Kingdom, but this fellow seemed to have somehow incited several Council members.

Then, let’s vote.
I will defeat the Demon Lord on this place and make it our minion.
Anyone that agrees, stand up!

The prince’s voice had echoed loudly, and the majority of the Council member stood up, wearing disgusting smiles.
It seemed they had communicated secretly and had a discussion.
The financial situation of each country, the responses of the royal families, as well as the records of proceedings in each country’s assembly and so forth, I had Souei investigate them all thoroughly.
However, I hadn’t thought that the Council members would have been bribed individually.  It was a failure on my part not to expect such possibility.

Notification. Nay, there’s no problem. It’s within expectations.

Eh? Within expectations?
I felt like I saw an illusion of Raphael sprouting a dark smile.

Rimuru-sama, this is

Souei handed me several account books.’s the secret accounts. Was it seriously within expectations?
Before anyone realized, I had secured the account book which listed the bribes and so forth of the Council members that were in collusion.
It’s a blunder-less performance.
The number of account books was in accordance to the number of Council members that stood up at Prince Elric’s command.
This was nothing but a farce since I had already obtained unshakeable evidence.
The remaining Council members that had not stood up, perplexedly asked the others,

I didn’t heard this!
Even though His Majesty Rimuru especially came here by himself, this treatment will be a problem!
Something like this should not be permitted. For what reason is there a Council if there’s no fairness!

They raged and felt offended.
Now, the seated Council members did not seem like they were flexible nor like they had fair dispositions.
I knew it was because they seemed to address me using appropriate manners.
 It was uncertain whether the country that those Council members represented were upright or not, but I thought I was more likely to trust them than the countries that sent malfeasant Council members with unacceptable manners.
Anyway, because a Council member is the representative of a country, then the person represents the country.

The vote is out. Because it exceeded the majority, the hall has approved this agenda!

Elated by their success, Prince Elric declared that loudly.
The Council members who followed applauded.
The Council members that had remaining seated hung their heads, while Hinata watched the farce with cold eyes.
Because carrying a weapon was not permitted she was unarmed, however if she had held a sword now, she would have been gripping the hilt strongly.

Well now that permission has been given, choose whether you want to lick my shoes or feel pain

The fool called Reiner stood before me and said that.
Hinata looked at me. She seemed to be calculating how to move depending on my response.
Well then.

First, I want to confirm something. Is that okay?
Aah? What is?
No, you guys decision. Is it okay if I take this as the country’s decision?
Hha! Are you an idiot? Such a thing now, what abou――

Shuna stood up, took out a folding fan and brandished it.
With just that, Reiner who was in the middle of talking was sent flying. He was cowering after he crashed into the wall, knocking over chair and desk in the process.

I’ve been enduring, listening to all this since a little while ago....
Yo, you bastards, to Rimuru-sama that we respect and love, ho-how impolite.....

Shuna approached Reiner calmly.
Ah, it seemed it wasn’t just me who was furious.
Or rather, when another person exploded, I quickly calmed down.
When I looked around, my eyes caught Hinata’s, did she calm down too? I felt that we could communicate with our eyes.

Trash. I will not kill you so quickly. If I’m not mistaken, you had said that you were A rank.
I’ll allow you to be serious.
Well now, stand up and come at me

She pointed the folding fan at Reiner, and Shuna sent him a killer glare.

Re-Reiner! What are you idling for!? Quickly silence that insolent woman.
You must also defeat that Demon Lord. There’s no time for fooling around!

Prince Elric who could not understand the situation, commanded Reiner to attack.
But, Reiner didn’t move an inch.

Are you not coming? Then I will――

When Shuna was about to take a single step,

Hi, hiiーー!!

Reiner was cowering while holding his head with both hands.
From his groin, steaming liquid was leaking out.
Whoa, did he just wet himself? I was so astounded that I couldn’t find any words to say.

Shuna, withdraw

Shuna nodded at my order and she returned to her position behind me.
Reiner began to cry like a child, slobbering with tears while cowering.
The match was already over. His opponent was too absurd.

Well then, Elric was it?
You picked a fight with me, but what will you do from now on?
You guys too, your countries seem to approve this matter as well.
The same offense, is that alright?

Everyone’s face became pale and their heads hung down when I asked them that with a smile.
The match was decided. The reason these dullard fellow lost was because they had thought that a small fry could defeat a Demon Lord.
No, the Ingrasia Kingdom didn’t border the Great Jura Forest. Therefore they didn’t know the threat of monsters.
The Council members that approved of the agreement this time were from small countries belonging to Ingrasia’s clique. The countries’ intents and the Council members’ intents were different, but their contempt for monsters may be the same.
After all, nobles were beings that only thought about themselves. Oh well, though there seems to be a person who changed with the country among them. It would be better for me to have a second thought before associating with such country.
Because I only saw the document and deal with it unseriously, it might be better for me to review it later.
After all of that, the important agenda was approved and accepted by the Council members after I threaten them.

1. Military cooperation with Tempest.
1. Internal Passage Permit for the Tempest army.
1. Official participation in Confederation Council for Tempest.
1. The relocation of the Confederation Council’s headquarters to Tempest.
1. The relocation of the Freedom Arbitration Committee’s headquarters to Tempest.

Forcibly making them sign it, everything passed without a hitch.
With unanimous consent.
Outfoxing them, and using tricks wasn’t something I was suited for.
As a result, I had simply controlled them using physical strength, and all the issues were resolved. The one who throw the hit wasn’t me, so I was satisfied since it seemed to prove my open mindedness.
Thus, the assembly ended without an issue, and we left the assembly hall.


Oh well, this was the whole story.
Prince Elric, the Ossan named Gavan who was a minister of Ingrasia, and the council members as well.
They were dumbfounded, they seemed frightened by the seriousness of the matter, but they reap what they sow.
Naturally, I gave Souei an order the moment the conference had ended. I had ordered him to deliver an account book to each of their countries. With this, the rude and idiotic people would be purged.
Even if they were forgiven, they would be fired, it could be said it was a dead end for them.
And also, the Ingrasia Kingdom.
Because of its facilitated transportation, this country had been the center of peace for many countries.
Even though the technology was remarkable, it didn’t mean the productivity was high.
The culture level was high, but it was no more than reproduction by Yuuki so that “Other Worlders” could live comfortably.
Since an important institution like the council and the committee, would be relocating, its role as the center of many countries had already ended.
If they didn’t do anything, as it was, they would surely begin to decline.
Even so that was a natural consequence, so there wasn’t any need for me to feel bad.

Oh well, Tempest becoming the center, even I approve of that

Those were Hinata’s words.
If she had said that, it was clear what would happen to Ingrasia Kingdom. Hinata didn’t say anything.
On this matter, Hinata’s decision was final. She had quickly returned and began to prepare the relocation. Well, Hinata might have been angrier than me.
I thought about it while drinking the pseudo coffee.

Or rather, I was able to have a good experience this time
No, I was too angry too, I might not have understood what happened since I was raging too much.
If Shuna had moved even a little slower, all the humans in that room would have burnt into nothingness

Buu[12]! So I spray out the coffee I drank.
I was admiring Benimaru since he’d become an adult. I had thought he had gone quiet, but he was just about to lose control of himself in the anger.
I felt that I had lost that admiration. Or rather, that was dangerous. I would have become the enemy of mankind if a mass slaughter had happened in that place.

Oioi, you must absolutely prevent that!?
Hahaha, it’s just a joke. I’m not serious!

Though Benimaru had tried to deceive me with a refreshing smile, I wasn’t going to be deceived.
This guy was deadly serious.
For the next conference, I think it would be necessary carefully consider the personnel I brought.

Rimuru-sama, I did it!
Kirsch-tenchou[13] decided to come to Tempest!

Shuna returned, and reported to me with a full smile.

Since I heard that he was going to close the shop and go into retirement――,
He seemed willing to come when I invited him!
I’m serious!

With this, as long as I prepared sugar, eating cake every day was no longer a dream.
No, as long as there were ingredients, could I not assemble any kind of cake?!

It’s wonderful, as expected from Shuna!

When I praised her, Shuna nodded with smile.
This time Shuna had played a very active part.
This is in great contrast to a certain disappointing secretary. If it was that disappointing secretary, even when going easy she might kill Reiner.
And then after using skillful deception, it would likely become something terrible. Oh well, that wasn’t limited to Shion, but included me as well.
This time, thanks to Shuna, the negotiations were easily completed.
But, her greatest accomplishment was that she was able to persuade that stubborn Oyaji[14].
I had asked him earnestly before, but he hadn’t budged at all.
She did a good job. 

Thus the conference ended safely as well, and we returned home to Tempest.
Various things had happened, but the greatest result, It went without saying, was that cake would now be included as the dessert every day.

Guro's Comment
They were Idiot to think that they can make our sacred slime as their minion (Actually, it's Yes-man). And I learn that Cake is more important than Diplomatic relations etc 
So see you next chapter!

[1] ギルシュGirushu – other alternatives Gilsh/Girsch/Gilush/Kilsch.
[2] Tamagoyaki or Japanese Omelet which is made by rolling together several layers of cooked egg. If you watch an anime, the characters eating bento you will mostly found this in the bento. Illustration:

[3] The other half of Tsundere character, its meaning is lovestruck/demonstratively fond/soft/act shyly etc XD Illustration: 

[4] Uncles or creepy uncle preying on Shota or Loli XD
[5] Raccoon dogs but I prefer its Japanese name.
[6] He use Washi
[7]  ギャバン Gyaban – can be translated as Gaban/Gavan/Girvan etc
[8]  ライナー Rainā.
[9] He thought Hinata just talk only with no ability. What an idiot.....
[10] 卿 kyou can mean sir or lord. So it’s Sir Reiner here.
[11] エルリックErurikku, the same one with Ed’s Elric from FMA. Ouji is Prince
[12] SFX for spitting out something.
[13] 店長 Tenchou - Shop/Store Manager
[14] Well Oyaji = Old man. It just like how Naofumi from TnYN call Elhart (The weapon shop’s owner) by calling him Oyaji/Old man


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