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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - Chapter 201

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Preparations on Leon’s Side

The second day of the Great War.
El Dorado, the domain ruled by Demon Lord Leon Cromwell.
One of the Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders, Kagali, began to move.

After the Walpurgis ended, each of the Demon Lords returned to their own territory in order to prepare for the Great War, the Black Knight Claude also returned to Leon.
After parting with Chloe, it took a while to return due to his caution towards Yuuki’s notice.
Even if he took quite a while, from Claude’s point of view, it was very necessary for him to be extremely cautious.

He returned and requested an audience with Leon.
Obviously, Claude believed that the audience would take quite a while to take place, since there was a possibility that he is still brainwashed.
However, Claude was guided straight before Leon.
As such, he explained all of the events that happened up till now.
With the clone Shadow Knight left behind, he had continued to grasp the situation.
In other words, he knows about the Crimson Purge by the Scorch Dragon Velgrind; Yuuki usurping the Ultimate SkillJustice Lord Michaelfrom Rudra.
As well as the discord between Demon Lord Rimuru and Yuuki.
He was able to grasp everything through his Shadow Knight.”
His Shadow Knight was destroyed afterwards due to contact with the angel of  Armageddon that Rudra activated. But it could be said that he had succeeded in gathering enough information.
For Claude, his utmost priority was to bring his intel to his master Leon, whom he has pledged his allegiance to, even at the risk of his life.

And his wish came true, Leon has now learned it all.

Well done.
Two words.
It’s a disappointing response. However, for Claude, those words were priceless.

Those words are more than I deserve――

Claude became overwhelmed with emotion.
However, he understood that it is not the time to be immersed in emotion.
And that is the same for Leon too.
The intel from Claude was more detailed than what Demon Lord Rimuru had explained at the Walpurgis.
“Does this mean Demon Lord Rimuru is trying to steal the march over the other Demon Lords?”
Leon couldn’t throw away such a doubt, but he judged that that was not the whole truth.
There was no contradiction between Rimuru’s and Claude’s information, his doubt about the exaggeration of the enemy forces was cleared up.
If that’s the case, it can be said that the enemy has gigantic war potential.

Claude, do you think that we can oppose them right now?

The Black Knight Claude is the strongest knight among Leon’s subordinates so he sensed some value in Claude’s opinion.

I’m afraid…… I need to express my honest thoughts.
As the difference in the number of this side and that side is great, perhaps, at best we can oppose an army of 50.000 angels assuming we devote ourselves to defense.
Not to mention, if we tried to attack outside the city barrier…… defeat may very well be inevitable――
What do you mean!? Claude-dono, we would be defeated?
We are Leon-sama’s strongest knights. As if we would be beaten by the angels!

Each leader of the magic knights got angry by Claude’s remark.
But, Leon suppressed them.
Leon closed his eyes and begin thinking. He thought that Claude’s statement was correct.
Even if he compared it simply based on the war potential, aside from the knight leader class who are on pseudo-Demon Lord class, the best that the normal knights could do would be fight against several angels.
Perhaps the angels who absorbed the people of the mixed corps that Claude affiliated with before may have fighting power which exceed A rank.
If the angel army, which only consists of such special individuals came, then his side would have the lesser war potential and numbers.
He could agree to the prediction, defeat would be inevitable.
(Do I have no choice but to strengthen the barrier and go out and attack myself? But, that’s a really bad move……)
Leon is thinking.
He figured that the chance of victory was low in the case that his subordinates clashed with Kagali.
After all, she seems to have fused with an angel of Seraphim class who has energy rivaling that of an awakened Demon Lord.
If its Kagali, who was the former Demon Lord Kazaream who had lived for several hundred years, it be no wonder even if she obtained the ability that can rival an awakened Demon Lord.  Perhaps, theres a possibility that she is better than that, or so Leon thinks.
In that case, theres no other choice but for him to fight......
(But in that case, the preparation against the angel army itself is tough, right?)
That is the problem.
If he goes to fight by himself, Leon believes that he wouldnt get defeated even if his opponent is Kagali, but at the same time he predicted that Claude and Co wouldnt be able to oppose the angel army.
Not to mention, in the case that his fight with Kagali dragged on, there is a possibility that he would get attacked from the rear by the angel army after they destroyed his country.
It wouldn’t be a problem if he is able to deal with Kagali quickly, but that would be an optimistic outlook.
After all, Kagali knows of Leons trump card; Ultimate SkillPurity Lord Metatron.
It was a big mistake for Leon to let Kagali and Yuuki escape when he fought them before..
The tab now falls on Leon.

When Leon opened his eyes, he surveyed his subordinates.
The chief knight, Silver Knight Alrose.
The strongest knight, Black Knight Claude.
And, each knight leader who leads the four knight orders.

Red Knight Order  Magic Knights skillful in offensive magic belong to this order.
                                      4,000 members. The leader is the Red Knight Fran. A woman.

Blue Knight Order Magic Knights skillful in support magic belong to this order.
                                   2.000 members. The leader is the Blue Knight Oxishan. A man.

Yellow Knight Order Magic Knights skillful in defensive magic belong to this order.
                                           3.000 members. The leader is the Yellow Knight Kizna. A            woman.

White Knight Order    Magic knights skillful in recovery magic belong to this order.
                                           1.000 members. The leader is the White Knight Maetel. A            woman.

Those six people were the strongest of the magic knights.
They are people capable of defeating something along the lines of an Arc Demon.
As for Fran, she has matured into a person who can handle stronger magic as she has experienced “death” once.
They are a lineup of people who would not look inferior even if compared with the other Demon Lords’ armies……
(There might be a chance for victory if I order all of them to go fight and die. But――
Go and die! if he ordered such, Leon knew that they would sacrifice their bodies for him with pleasure.
However, that’s why, it is an order he will never be able to give.
Then, what he needs to do――

Leon-sama, a guest seems to have arrived.

The clear voice of a woman reported to Leon, who was in his thoughts.
It is Kizna who is skillful in defensive magic, she perceived some people had trespassed the barrier.
And so, his problem would be settled instantly, by the intruders’ arrival.

The one who came was Mizari, the demon subordinate of Guy Crimson,
And, for Leon, she brought a shocking proposal.

Leon-sama, I'm terribly sorry to bother you after the Walpurgis.
On this occasion, I received the will of my master Demon Lord Guy Crimson and came here.
‘Let’s cooperate for the Great War!’ is the message I’m told to pass to you.

With a respectful bow, Mizari informed Leon.
Leon looked at Mizari.
She kneeled before his eyes, and bowed her head to Leon.
But, the impression he got from Mizari was stronger compared to before.
He can feel that her power has increased greatly.
She interacted humbly with Leon because he is a friend of Guy, but her ability seems to have come to rival an awakened Demon Lord.
(What exactly happened?)
He had that question, but he considered it reassuring since they’re not hostile with each other.
If there’s cooperation from Mizari, opposing Kagali might be possible.

I see. I guess it’s no use to keep putting on airs.
Honestly, I’m saved. But, is Guy’s defense, okay?
It would be disrespectful for the likes of me to worry about that personage……
Besides, Hirari is still there.
I see, that is true.

Certainly, it is unnecessary to worry about Guy who is the strongest in the first place.
To Leon who nodded, Mizari offered a proposal.

By the way, Leon-sama, here is a proposal, would you like to hear it?
Alright, what is it?
Yes, actually――

Mizari raised her face and with a sweet smile, she told Leon.

Will you fuses your 6 colored knights with our 6 demon generals using the forbidden secret art?

Mizari asked such, grew an evil smile suitable for a demon.

The place was thrown into a commotion.
The 6 demon generals are the arc demons brought along by Mizari.
It is not to the extent of calling them demon dukes, but Leon was able to perceive that they have power incomparable to the usual arc demons who accept summonings.
It could be said, as expected of Guy’s subordinates. Perhaps, Leon’s top 6 subordinates――as Mizari says, the 6 color knights―― might be equal to them.
They were formidable demons, it would be difficult to say which one is superior, the knights or the demons.

What is your intention?

Leon asked.

I will say it honestly.
I believe that individuals with power only at the Arch Demon level won’t be very useful in the Great War beyond this point.

Mizari declared such.
Alrose and Co got angry from her words which implied that they were useless.
However, two of them, Claude and Fran, understood the meaning of Mizari’s remark.
It is true, they are weak.
Even Alrose who is the chief knight wouldn’t be able to compete with just one of Demon Lord Rimuru’s subordinates after all.
That oni woman called Shion is not even the strongest among Rimuru’s subordinates. It’s certain that she is one of the high ranking executives, but in reality there’s others above her.
Claude pacified Alrose and Co who were enraged. Then, he urged Mizari to continue.
Returning the favor with a bow, Mizari continued explaining.

Will this be alright?
Hirari and I had awakened as Devil Lords due to Demon Lord Rimuru’s ”Secret Art of Evolution”.
But unfortunately, we can only spread a trifling amount of that gift to our followers.
I think that is because of the fact that we couldn’t make a soul bond between us.
Even though they are individuals close to being independent demons, they are connected to us.
Because of this, I expect these ones may not be able to evolve further.
Therefore, using the forbidden “Secret Art: Human-Demon Soul Fusion”, I want to perform a reset for all of their relationships.
I want them to throw away their current bodies and dwell in new bodies.
It will fail if it is with a low-ranking individual, but there’s a possibility of success if it is with individuals at the arc demon class.
Besides, the success rate jumps up if it’s with people at the same level.
As for the demerit, one of the consciousness will vanish.
As for the merit, a stronger individual will be born from the unification of two beings.
They will reincarnate as an existence of demon duke class, a class which surpasses the former Demon Lords!

Mizari finished her explanation loudly.
Silence descended on the room.
The demons having consented to it, are waiting calmly.
Alrose and the other knight leaders digested the words that had just been spoken and had a discussion.
They want power.
However, naturally it’s not something obtained in one day.
If they’re not able to impact the fight against the angel army with their current power, it would be better to accept the proposal.
However, in the case that their consciousnesses got swallowed up, that’d be more terrible than death itself.
Yet, even so……

Leon-sama, I wish to accept this proposal.
Me too.

When Alrose reported such, everyone else agreed simultaneously.
Needless to say, Claude and Fran had resolved themselves after hearing Mizari’s talk.

Leon-sama, if by any chance, we lose against the demons, at that time, I ask for your forgiveness――

As the representative of the 6 people, Claude told Leon so.
Leon closed his eyes and remained silent.

I will not tolerate it. All of you must win. You all must acquire the demons’ power and then continue serving me.

Leon muttered calmly after a brief time passed.
Leon’s words show that he has accepted Mizari’s proposal.

「「We swear to meet your expectations!!」」

Alrose, Claude and the other members lowered their heads all at once and swore to Leon.
Thus, Mizari’s proposal was accepted.

The ceremony was held.
The 6 demon generals and the 6 color knights stood in a row and faced each other.
Each of them faced and observed their partner who had similar abilities to themselves.
The ones who lose will be swallowed by their partner.  Tense expressions appeared on the knights’ faces.
On the other hand, the demons remained calm.
For the demons, they only need to carry out the orders they received. They don’t feel any need to become eager whatsoever.
And then, the time came.

Well then, the “Secret Art: Human-Demon Soul Fusion” shall now begin.

At the same time Mizari that declared such, the demon generals converted their physical bodies into energy.
The secret art is possible because the demons are spiritual life-forms.
And, when the knights confirmed it, it occurred.
Mizari suddenly cut the cores of the demon generals with a single blow.

I have certainly witnessed the resolution of all of you.
Now then, please receive it!
The gift from Demon Lord Guy Crimson.
Please acquire your new power without holding back.
Your desire shall become your power.
Let us pray that you all can obtain more power!

Mizari shouted.
That’s right, everything was planned from the beginning.
If they challenged the ritual without fearing the loss of themselves, the demons were ordered to give their power to them.
Guy’s orders are absolute, nobody defies them.
After all, since their evolution had stopped, they understood that there is no other way to obtain further strength than this method.
However, in the case that the knights were afraid of obtaining new power, the demons were authorized to take the leadership in the fusion.

Wha! What happened!?
Oh knights, fear not. We had all agreed to be absorbed by you.
As ordered by our great Demon Lord Guy Crimson.
All of you have shown us your determination.
Thus we have acknowledged that you all are the suitable entities to be entrusted with our power!
That’s right, all of you had better be quick, since our cores are already destroyed.
There is no time to spare until we are no more, you know?

Persuaded by the demons, the surprised knights who had come to a stop, began to move again.
They each fused the demon’s power with their own.
Thus the ceremony finished.

They succeeded the ceremony of “Secret Art: Human-Demon Soul Fusion” safely without losing anyone.
Thus, the six knights had obtained the power of demon duke class.

The preparations on Leon’s side finished without a hitch.
And, the decisive battle was going to begin soon.


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