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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - Chapter 5

Guro's Note
I changed some names (will also change them in the future chapters)
ex. Western Saint's Church to Western Holy Church (Just a bit change)
      Beloard to Belyard etc etc
219 will be soon... (Framea's Manga Chapter 2 too~)
Also my nee-san just gave birth today, a boy, she and her husband named him Ray (omitted rest of the name).
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Translator’s Corner (Cast: an English Clown and a French Pierrot)
Pierrot: *Sobs and Tears*
Clown: I know, I know… the way Rimuru and Veldora parted brought tears to my eyes.
Pierrot: It’s not about that.
Clown: Then, what? Did you read a heartwarming story of love and separation?
Pierrot: The readers don’t know our faces!
Clown: Oh… that… I’m working on that.
Pierrot: Then work faster!
Clown: You know what they say, it’s not our face, it’s what we do that defines us.
Pierrot: Easy for you to say! Most people don’t know the difference between a pierrot and a clown!
Clown: There’s a difference?!
Pierrot: …
Clown: …
Pierrot: I give up. Just tell them a joke.
Clown: Where should a monkey go if he loses his tail? … to a retailer!

Trouble Fomenting

On this day, earthquakes rippled across the world.
The disappearance of the “Calamity” class monster, Storm Dragon Veldora has been confirmed.
Although he had been sealed since 300 years ago, he still a Calamity class monster.
With his disappearance, it might be a sign of a new threat born in a different place.
However, after the 20th day passed since the information of his disappearance, the Western Holy Church declared the complete disappearance of the “Storm Dragon Veldora”.

Count Nidole Maigam was angry
As if such ridiculous thing can be true!!!
He cursed so while remembering the Cardinal’s words.
Cardinal Nicholas Shpelthas.
It maddened him to even recall those words.

The threat of the “Storm Dragon Veldora” has disappeared. Therefore, the provisions and monetary support from the Holy Church shall be terminated from today.

Saying so, the Cardinal ended the one-sided conversation.
After calling him one-sidedly, he was even made to wait for three hours.
Certainly, the monetary support he had received until now was extremely helpful.
As his territory which bordered the Great Jura Forest is the cornerstone of defense for Farmas Kingdom’s frontier.
But that’s not just a problem for the Farmas Kingdom alone, it’s also Western Holy Church’s which bordered the territory.
Although the “Storm Dragon Veldora” was sealed, he’s being a threat wasn’t change.
That’s no exception even for the monsters
No, rather, it could be said that he was more of a threat for the monsters.
With the disappearance of such threat would only mean the increasing activity of monsters’ movement.
Although the defense of the frontier area should be strengthened, they ended their support in this timing.
This was the reason of Count Nidole Maigam’s anger.
And though the Western Holy Church had their own reasons, none mattered to Nidole.
‘What should I do to protect my territory now…’
He has the money to hire mercenaries.
As for the Freedom Association’s adventures, they’re unreliable in case of emergency.
And as for the Church, his ray of hope had just informed him the termination of support.
His last hope is from the kingdom, but… Nidole despaired imagining the king’s face.
Even until now the king hadn’t given any support with the existence of the ”Storm Dragon Veldora”.
As the threat is gone now, he thinks that the defense expenses would simply be reduced.
And if he handled it poorly, he’d be unable to increase the tax.
Just thinking such things caused Nidole to frown.
Inside the carriage returning towards his territory, Nidole racking his brains for the measures hereafter.
Nidole’s head was full thinking about monsters, he couldn’t think about another threat…

Nidole wasn’t the only one troubled by the situation.
Farmas Kingdom in terms of scale is a mid-sized country. Therefore, even if something happened it would be stopped at the frontier.
With such circumstances, the country’s sense of crisis is weak.
As Nidole had guessed, there was a minister who thought to reduce the defense expenses too.
However, other small countries bordering the Great Jura forest couldn’t afford to do the same.
There’s no point in asking someone’s help, as they must come up with countermeasures by themselves…
The kings and ministers in each country held emergency conferences every day about information gathering and countermeasures for hereafter.
One minister of the small country Burmund, Baron Belyard was one of them.

There’s one reason why I called you. Have you heard the matter about the “Storm Dragon Veldora”?

Asking without changing his attitude, Baron Belyard asks the man who entered the room.
Although his stature is short, he was a man with watchful eyes.

Of course, Baron.

The man affirmed without any small word.
With a deep hoarse voice

Hmm. ‘As expected for a guild master!’ or should I say so?

Baron Belouard snorted and continued as if spitting out words

So, What kind of measures the guild will take?
Nothing in particular, there’s no plan to do anything.
What? I didn’t hear it well but… Does that mean you have no intention for any countermeasures?
Yes. I don’t feel there’s any need for that.

The man who was called the Guild Master, answers indifferently.
With an expression like he didn’t understand why Baron Belyard was mad.
Baron Belyard continued his words without revealing it on his face though he thinks such attitude is unpleasant.
Although it could hardly be said that his effort was completely successful…

Saying there’s no need is strange. With the disappearance of the “Storm Dragon Veldora”, the monsters would surely more active! And yet, you are not taken any countermeasures!?
This is a weird thing you have said. It’s the country’s job to think about countermeasures. We of the Freedom Association, aren’t volunteers you know?

It was a fact.
Freedom Association is a guild that’s not bound by country’s system.
Compared to the workers affiliated with the country, their livelihood wasn’t guaranteed.
However, a minimum social position was guaranteed, they were given status proportionate to a citizen. Therefore, they were only imposed with an obligation of a fixed tax.
For example, taking a cook as the example,
A cook who belongs to the country has an obligation to pay tax corresponds to their position as a citizen. In return, the country guarantees their property and status.
As for a cook of Freedom Association, the tax they need to pay becomes cheap as they’re given a semi-citizen position. The tax is paid to the Freedom Association, and the Freedom Association guarantees their identity.
However, they need to protect the safety of their property and life themselves.
A country affiliated cook is permitted to open a store in the capital protected by the city walls, and they could let their child inherit the store.
The cook affiliated with the Freedom Association has no such privilege, they can only set up a shop at the free market or so around the country
For example, even if they set up a store in the outer area of the city walls, their child can’t inherit it.
This is the foundation of the new tendency to looked down upon Freedom Association although it’s no deep-rooted.
This system is not only applied to this Burmund Kingdom, but also to almost all of the surrounding countries.
On the other hand, the Freedom Association is an organization that has surpassed the country’s framework, though it possesses organizational strength surpassing a country…
Whether it’s accidental or intentional is unknown, but it’s a fact that their activity slips through the country’s supervision.

Protecting the citizens’ property is the basic duty of a country, isn’t it? Similarly, we of the Association, have to protect our guild members. We both have it tough.

Hearing the shameless excuses of the guild master, a vein popped up on Baron Belyard’s forehead.
Obviously, he realized that he has been taken advantage of.

Enough with the tedious talk!!! From the Free Association, how many mercenaries can you send? How many adventurers excelled in combat? How many can you send to protect this city!!!?

The guild master let out a sigh like saying ‘Good grief’,

I don’t want you to misunderstand, but we are not a volunteer group. As for mobilization based on the agreement between the country and the association, we could mobilize 10% of our members, if you demanded more, it would dependant on the price.

The population of Burmund Kingdom is 1 million people.
About 7000 people are members of the Association. This not included their families.
Based on the official agreement between the country and the Freedom Association, the number of people that Freedom Association can mobilize is 10% of its members (about 700 people in this case) who would enter the command of the country.
This is of course only the number of people affiliated with the guild in each country, it’s not applied to the member of another country. For that reason, even though it’s a Freedom Association, the country they affiliated with has been clarified.
Moreover, although the country can set the period which this agreement is issued, as in the agreement during that period the tax that a member of the guild had to pay is reduced by 20%.
It has compelling force, but it’s not possible to abuse the pact to thinks it as revenue.
After all, as the association need to rebuild the salary of the collected member, it’s a natural decision.
Even if for argument’s sake, it’s collected from all of the members, such thing is impossible.
Since half of the association members are non-combatants.

Even as a Kingdom, it understands this thing well.
For that reason, normally it didn’t use force but… right now is not the time.
As the monsters became active.
That’s certainly is the biggest reason.
But, the real reason is…

Enough. Hey, Fuze. Can you speak what you really thinking?

The Guild Master, no, Fuze was a bit surprised at being as his name was called.
And so, for the first time, he gazed at Baron Belyard right in the face.

It was a nonaggression territory where the place the “Storm Dragon Veldora” was sealed. As now the route is available, there’s a possibility that the Empire in the east would start to move.
That‘s right! I don’t know whether they were hesitating against Veldora or afraid that the seal would be broken, but there’s a movement in the Empire that had been docile till now!!!
Don’t you understand? If they can pass through that forest, all the surrounding countries will be swallowed up in a flash. Not to mention, we can’t count on the Western Holy Church!
The countries around the Great Jura Forest that aren’t united would be under the rule of the Empire in a flash.
The church won’t move… so I think. They aren’t interested in the conflict between humans. Because their doctrine is extermination of monsters.
That’s so. At least if one of the Holy Knight moves, even the empire won’t carelessly move… Although we can gain time even just by losing our preparation to the monsters.
It would be impossible… For the church, even if the country collapsed, it won’t hurt their purse. It’s not like the church would save all of their believers.

Fuze thinks as he gazes at Baron Belyard’s face.
“This guy, his face became so tired…” or so.
It might be understandable, but Baron Belyard seemed to have aged instantly on these few days.
The two of them was actually a childhood friend.
Although he’s a Baron, it would be a bit inconvenient if his friendship with a noble become public.
It’s necessary for them to build a relationship that makes people think they’re using each other, so they always acted like they’re on bad terms.
As a small country like theirs can’t overcome this predicament.
But, this probably just a needless worry.
Certainly, there’s movement in the Empire, but it’s not certain that the Empire will come to attack.
If it’s just the monsters, they can still set up countermeasures.

It hasn’t certain yet that the Empire moved right? Anyway, I’ll investigate it myself.
Don’t expect much, but I’ll try to investigate the current state of Great Jura Forest and the Empire’s movements.
Sorry… you saved me from the trouble.

Right, it has not been certain that the Empire moved.
And even if they moved for example, no, if they moved it would be a large military movement. Even they would not fare well against constant ambushes and skirmishes. The Empire won’t be so lenient to move to commence a skirmish.
With an army over one million, it’s likely they’d trampled all of the surroundings countries altogether.
If that’s the case, there should be enough time for the preparation.
At least about 3 years...
Even so, it can’t be said that’s a long time, but it’s enough for this side to be prepared.

Anyway, it’s all about getting information. There’s no time either. I’ll go!
I entrusted it to you…

The two nods to each other and then separate.
Because there’s a lot of things they ought to do.

Cardinal Nicholas Shpelthas sprouted a thin smile after making sure that Count Nidole Maigam had left.

Damn Bug!

So he spits out those words with smiling face full of kindness.
Bugs that only swarming due to the Church’s money, influence, and military strength, without having faith in God.
That’s is his, Nicholas’s evaluation of Count Nidole Maigam.
And not just him.
All people who belong to the church were thinking so.

If you believe in God, devote yourself to Holy Empire Ruberios and become a believer!

The Western Holy Church, as the state religion of the Empire, was the only group with the one and only, holy and inviolable Pope as the leader.
The Holy Empire Ruberios is the headquarters of the Western Holy Church, and all of its citizens are made of believers.
No matter how much those from another country proclaim their faith, they’re worth nothing if their faith just on the surface.
God takes precedence over everything.
If that’s so, they didn’t need to show benevolence for those who won’t become their citizens even if they beg for help.
That’s consensus of opinion of the people who affiliated to Western Holy Church not just those below Cardinal Nicholas..
Originally Nicholas thought that they should kill all of the heathens who don’t believe in God.
But there was a person who ridiculed that idea and changed his mind.
That person was the “Otherworlder” Sakaguchi Hinata.
This is what she said.

it’s pointless. To change the hearts of those who believe in other gods need a lot of energy. Rather than doing such thing, just give them your hand, and accept theirs. That is the most proven method.
Protect the people from monsters, and make them think we are a “group of justice”. Anyway, since war won’t disappears from this world, lend them your help in times of trouble! Monsters are humanity’s common enemy, but isn’t that the same for fellow human?
No need to pointlessly provoke someone’s enmity. Because the masses are foolish, they would immediately believe in god once you saved them in times of trouble. Isn’t that the raison d’etre of a religion?

She is a complete pragmatist.
Despite being an Atheist herself, she didn’t deny religion.
She thoroughly uses it.
Even for Nicholas, she’s so cool-headed.
Nicholas was shivering staring at her icy eyes,

All we need to do is waiting. Let the other countries lose their strength! Therefore, we need to make them indebted!

He trembles when that whispered to close to his ears.
Is it due to delight or terror…
Yet Nicholas obeyed.
And as a result, the status of the church has changed greatly during these 10 years.
It possessed their own influence till then, but just in 7 years the church became an indispensable existence to each country
Having distinguished achievements, Nicholas was promoted to a cardinal from a bishop.
Everything is thanks to her.

Oh well, just as she says, even a bug have their uses.

Nicholas thinking about things hereafter.
It’s uncertain whether the Empire would move, but the monsters’ movement will become active
There’s no doubt that he’ll be busy.
How will she move?
It might be a good idea to contact her after a long time.
Right now she should be the “Head of the Imperial Guards under the Pope’s Direct Command”, the Holy Knights Leader Sakaguchi Hinata….


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