Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Hello, Guro is here!

Finally recovered from my sickness.
Wondering what to do next...
I send Clown-san an E-mail to  but there still no response.

Lately, I feel I more lazy than the usual me before.
What are causing it, I wonder?


  1. Might be infected with Sloth from The Lazy Dragon (Rebirth Online World) or Leigie the Demon Lord (Yoraikun). Teehee.

    Clown and/or Pierrot are/is having mental issues and if I'm not mistaken chased for the recent terrorist incident at a hospital.

    Welcome back, Guro ;)

    1. The latter is of the kurohana team, the former is correct

    2. mars was saying the one that chased for the recent terrorist incident at the hospital is Yuuka-san from kuma hana Team.

    3. Owh, my bad. Re-read that chapter, dunno why I remembered Pierrot instead of Yuuka there. Been googling kurohana, didn't think it was a typo of kumahana xD

  2. Huzzah! More chapters is always nice. Anyways, welcome back!

  3. welcome back also the reason you feel less inclined to translate is due to when you where sick you didnt have to and you got used to it. it will take a bit but youll get back into the swing of things :D