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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - Chapter 57

Translator & Editor Corner
TL: I haven’t read Ch 55&56 when translating this, so there bound to be some mistakes in this.
ED: Same here, though I translated it to what I think the closest to. Also, Guro, Confess, NOW! Who do you bribe to write these out for you? The English are so much better compared to the previous 2 chapters
TL: How mean, I don’t bribe anyone. My brother helps me translating on some part without I ask him, when I was sleeping. So it’s not a bribe and after that I’m keep continuing translating it. (We using the same laptop after all)

Guro & Yukkuri Oniisan

Editor & TLC:
To Learn Magic

Kagurazaka Yuuki was an openhearted good guy.
His age should be in the second half of the 20s, but his look is still like a high school student.
I heard the reason; it was due to some kind of curse.
When he comes to this world, it seems he didn’t acquire any unique skill or unique abilities, only his physical abilities that grow abnormally.

[Well~, I give up.
Actually, I noticed something was strange after five years have passed.....]

He says that while laughing and scratching his head.
Thanks to that, I heard he never had a date with women before. Actually, he is a fellow who possesses a good impression.

[Well, is that so?! That’s disappointing!
Ha ha ha. Eventually it’ll turn better!]

I’m comforting him sincerely.

[By the way, Rimuru-san, are you a Monster?
 But how could you pass the barrier of the Association headquarters?]
[N? Ah, I’m a Monster. My true identity is slime. This trivia, please conceal it!]
[No, no! That’s not just a trivia!
Not that.Why did you made such city for monsters?]
[Eh? No, there are enough monsters to establish a city, is it unusual?]
[No..... Although from what I heard there’s no other like......] 
[Is that so?]
[That’s right]

We stare at each other for a while.
Well, whatever.
For now I decided to get along with the Leader of Association (Grand Master).
It is to discourage the city’s image as a suspicious monsters city, for now let’s talk about the truth.
Come to think about it, Shizu-san is aware of my true identity from the air I carry. I think she’s an amazing person.
Usually, there is no one that will think a person from another world would reincarnate as a slime.

[Actually, I’m a “Space Alien”....]
[What are you trying to say? You?
Rather, it’s the first time I heard space alien since coming here!
By any chance......]
[Damn, I was exposed!
So, my true identity is a mysterious hero that fights after doing Transformation (Form Change)! Kamen Racer!]

*pose*! Or as close as I could do, (TL: Nice!)

[How nostalgic! Kamen Racer, I was watching it too!
So, as I thought, Rimuru-san you’re.... a Japanese, right!]

After I tell some material that only fellow countrymen could understand, it’s a bull’s eye.
In case, he doesn’t know the story, at that time I will think about something else.
After that, we talk about various things together.
Things that happen after coming to this world, Shizu-san’s final moments.
Living in this world, Magic.
The topics from the world on the other side. Such like endings and final episodes of Manga and Anime, he leans his body forward and really get into it.

[Master! From this point, please instruct me by all means!] (ED: us? Haven’t read 55 & 56) (TL: Sorry after checking the raw, it’s me not us)
[Fu Fu Fu. It’s difficult. The anime you really want to know is already completed!
Of course, on those matters the great I won’t make any mistakes, I will restrain on what should not be said. (TL: Should I write it as “I will not give unnecessary spoiler”)
It’s a gentleman’s etiquette!!!]

[Ha ha~~~!!! By all means, of course!]

His Desperation comes out.

In the middle of the conversation, the secretary onee-san entered the room with tea,
She opened her eyes in shock and almost dropped the tray.
As expected, the prank has probably ended.
Well, He can’t read the continuation of his favorite manga, so it's natural for him to be interested.
Among them, some had reached its conclusion, but most of them didn’t advanced that much.
Some of them were interesting but some were awful.
That's what I expected from him, Japanese “World Traveler” that has knowledge after living in this world for 10 years.

Of course, the serious talks begin now.
The previous one is only casual talk.

[Rimuru-san, the reason you came to the Royal Capital, is not only to meet me,your fellow countrymen, right?
Is your goal to “Return”?]

I’m thinking about it. However, I gave up on it.
Because I’m already dead. However, for young people such as them, returning might be their goal.

[Are you able to do that?]

Regarding this question, the response that comes was silence.
It’s not an easy thing to do.
If it is an easy thing to do, they would already return a long time ago. I already thought that.

[It’s like a one way road. This world is like a half material world.....]

And, I understood the explanation he gives.
It’s simple; the previous world was a full material world, because there is no magic power on Earth.
Spirits, demons, fairies, monsters can exist because there are magic power in this world.
Therefore, you can easily go down, but it’s impossible to climb up.
Once your body became half material, you can’t turn back easily into your full material body.

[However, there is a way.
From the legend in the material world (Earth) about demon and devil, if some conditions are met, it is possible to travel between worlds.]

The talks had been finished.
Well, it is what is called steps in a research.
For that goal, I guess I would like to continue hearing the progression of the research.

[Well, if I’m able to live carefree, then that’s enough.
The town had been finished, and it’s enjoyable to be together with my companion.
To converse with fellow countrymen is one of the biggest reason I come to this Royal Capital.
But there’s actually another purpose besides it, and that’s.....]

The other purposes were.
To buy magic stones and inspecting the Royal Capital. To measure the degree of civilization, those visits are that important.
However, the most important purpose I had not forgotten.
That is, to learn magic!

[Well, there were several purposes.
It’s good to talk with you, after this I want to visit the Library.]

When I said that,

[Ah, I see. So, it’s Magic right? That sure is nice...
I also want to learn some of it, however for some reason I can’t use it.
I think it might be because the change in my body’s nature.
Magic, would be a man’s special romance......]

This person, it seems that he is also the kind of person who understood a man’s romance.
As expected, since it exists he wants to be able to use it.
[I see.How long do you intend to stay at the Royal Capital?]
[N? I had thought to stay for about 1 month.
Now then, I wonder if I can learn magic by that time.]
[If that's so, can’t you stay for about 3 months?]

Hearing the explanation, it seems there is lack of school teacher in the Royal Capital.
There is a lot of impertinent student, so it’s impossible for the B rank adventurer in the Royal Capital.
When the new school term begins, the new A Rank is scheduled to arrive and take up the position of the teacher. So, there is a need to entrust the position for 3 months until then.

There is no reason to hurry, even if I may accept it somehow...
While thinking about this,

[Teacher’s dormitory, 3 meals a day, and salary of 10 silver coins a day.
Also! How about additional free pass to the Royal Capital library?]

[Of course, I will take it! You would do the same if I’m in trouble!]
[  [  [Ha ha ha ha ha ha!]  ]  ]

We shook each other’s hand while smiling; I got a job at the Royal Capital.

I bid farewell to Yuuki, finishing the formalities in one day, and I was told to go to the dormitory tomorrow.
The talk immediately ended, there were no problems either and thus the move to the dormitory finished.
Well, though I experience the Royal Capital Inn service only for 1 night, the service there was quite satisfying.
The two included meals are delicious. As expected, the seasoning is also used abundantly.
Even thought the Inn that I resided at is cheap, they also provide a large public bath. And it’s wonderful too.
In the country, it’s seldom to see a local Inn with Bath service.
However, if you want to stay for 3 months, living in the dormitory is more convenient. Thus the move to the dormitory is immediately finished.
Even if I regret nothing, 4 silver coins a day is quite high.
The salary of 10 Silver coins will be given on the working days, there won’t be any on holiday.
Though it was expected for the Royal Capital to have high living expense, there is no problem to save money.
But work is for tomorrow, today is for visiting the library.

There is a restriction to enter the room with Magic Books.
But when I present the Adventurer identification card, I can enter the room without any problems. They seem to keep what they had promised to me when I take up the teacher job.
Even though the Library is located in the Royal Capital, it is not the Royal Library.The Royal Library is located inside the Castle.
As those are in Royal family possession, only Court Magician can access it.
In every country the library seems to hold the Country’s secret magic, so it was difficult for a foreigner to visit it.
But it doesn’t mean that this Library worth is low. They are not.
The Library, where I stand now, exhibited the secret arts that the adventurers had collected. The Ancient Magic that the Freedom Association adventurers found is also collected at this place. 
It can be said, that it is possible that this Library had a worth that is equal to the other countries Royal Library.
It’s wonderful.
Coming to this Royal Capital early like this is like being blessed with good fortune.
Even though this is a favor from Yuuki, surely it’s mainly because of my good behavior.

I immediately check the magic books.
If you read it straight, the books amount is such that it seems to be impossible to read all of them in someone’s lifetime.
To everyone in the world who studies diligently, Forgive Me!
After apologizing in my heart, I read it quickly withGreat Sage.
For someone nearby who sees me, it seems to them that I only take a book in my hand for a while and then return them to the shelves. Actually, just by holding it in my hand, the book goes inside my body.
So! I copy it completely.
Simultaneous utilization of
Great SageandGluttonyabilities, high speed copy of the magic books that I hold in my hands.
I am postponing checking the content of the book for a later time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to be able to use magic just by copying the books.
But, taking and copying it, I’m able to make the index of the magic books I want.
After this, it’s necessary for me to study it one by one. For that reason, I took and copied the books one after another without seeing the title.
Even with the copying speed, it’s taking a whole day, I’m only able to take a tenth portion of all the books here.
It seems for now on, I’m going to come to the Library frequently in my break time and day off.
Thus, my day off passed. However, there was no regret.
For my goal to learn magic, it’s just a trivial thing to do.


Well, it’s the first day of the job.
Still this is a bit difficult job, I understood that after experiencing it at the first day taking the position.
Rather than a teacher, I became an Instructor. Because there isn’t anyone capable to fill the vacant position Shizu-san left. My job is to become the substitution.
Yuuki’s jobs are not only as the Leader of Freedom Association (Grand Master), but also to manage the Freedom Academy as its Executive Director.
He was the Chairman too. The person in question says that it’s just a honorary position, but it’s still an important position.
After coming to this world for 10 years, he develops the Freedom Association, running an academy. In one sense, he is the representative of all the adventurers.
This academy had also referred as an institution to nurture the association’s member.
Moreover, each class is separate just like in the Association,

Thus, they are divided just like how the Association. However, the basic teaching is shared between classes.
The position I take is the vacant homeroom teacher of the special class. Alias, S class.
But it’s seem the class’s member is still at the age of elementary grade student.
It says the former homeroom teacher is the “Demon Teacher”, Izawa Shizue. It’s Shizu-san!
She’s the hero whose nickname is”Explosive Monarch”. So the teachers succeeding her pale in comparison to her.
All previous teachers, being unable to handle the "severe interaction" with the students, ran away from the academy.
When I was giving my greetings in the staff room, I was told that by the other teachers.

[No, even for someone who looks like a child, I think you still had trouble with those problem children.....
Even if you are a B rank adventurer......
Well, you had recommendation from the chairman, please quickly report if it seems impossible for you.]

The principal worries too much.
They are just kids! Hahaha. Or so what I think.......

[Chee~~se! From this day, yours new homeroom teacher is....,]

In the place I stood and greeting them friendly, a flaming sword flying towards me.
I become panicked and managed to avoid it

[Ken-chan, Cool~~~!!!]
[Is that, a special move? You perfected it!?]
[However, it’s still lacking. It should not be easily avoided!]

Noisy children.
I will end up split and charred black if I didn’t avoid it.

Ey, calm down will ya. The class‘ll be destroy’d if ya went ta rampage!

I retort in pseudo Kansaiben.
I already want to gone home.
This place is another world, if a teacher exhibit violence will it be considered a corporal punishment?
In front of me are 5 human children.
This is a gathering of problem children.
Alias, S class. A special class that is composed only by World Travelers.
Yuuki sheltered the children from every corner of the world.
They are still kid of elementary grade student, but their abilities is terrifying high.
Honestly, he is toying with me.
I thought they were docile, But towards me they are staring with their eyes full with hostility.
For three months after this, can I take care of these guys.....?
The depressing feeling from a long time ago is coming back.



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