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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - Chapter 192

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Door Matt

The series of disturbances, that began during the process of getting Veldora back, has finally ended.
The ability integration has also ended, so I’m filled to the brim with cheerfulness.
That doesn’t mean that I will be immersing myself in those pleasant feelings either.
The grand feeling of wanting to play in the labyrinth is my real desire, however, I need to settle the next problem at hand, first.
I have to prepare for the game with Angra Mainyu that will begin a few weeks from now.
I want to build a collaborating relationship between the Demon Lords.
To start with, I think that I should hold a Walpurgis.
The invitations to each party have already been made.
When I contacted Ruminas, although she had complained with a fierce tone, I think she will probably participate.
Anyways, I also contacted Guy and sent the invitation for the Walpurgis.

I can quite easily gather the approval of three Demon Lords now.
Also, Ramiris woke up,

That Dino, I will utterly pulverize him!

She was passionately angry. However, since she was energetic as soon as she was safe it was kind of amusing.
Earning approval from such a child is easy.

Oh well, eat this and cheer up. Ah, that’s right. Could you give your approval for this?
Ah! This is pudding right! I can eat all of it!? Then anything is OK!

Well, I easily got her to affix her magic seal[1] whilst her eyes had been snatched away by the pudding.
It is very easy to deal with her, it saved me some trouble.
I got the approval from Ruminas, who had flown into a rage after she found out that the preparations she had made against the Empire’s army was in vain because of Veldora.
By the way, I had also informed Leon and he willingly gave his approval.
Because Milim has not been allowed to play these days, her dissatisfaction seems to have piled up,

Then, how about you come here to play under the pretense of attending the conference?

She admired this idea of mine.

As expected of you! Rimuru is as wonderfully wise as always! 

She was excited with the condition and seems to have immediately gone to persuade Frey.
Because I could receive her approval with ease, let’s prepare pudding, which is popular with Ramiris as well, when she comes to Tempest to play.

And so, just like that, I had gathered the approval of 5 Demon Lords’ (including myself).
While I was doing skill synthesis in the Empire, the talk had finished quickly because I had made a few preliminary arrangements.
Aside from sharing the information, there is a need to prepare for the Great War that is about to occur.
As such, holding the Walpurgis as soon as possible is the preferred outcome.
Five days have passed and I returned to Tempest, the next day being the Walpurgis.
Because Krishna had arrived on schedule, I can hold the Walpurgis without a problem.
With Dino’s betrayal, the Octogram has become seven now.
However, all the members, besides Ramiris, are awakened Demon Lord class, which has never been seen until now.
All of their level are too high, which contrarily makes it so that the word “awakened” has lost its value.

Oh well, it might be a good thing.
At any rate, preparations are everything.
Milim seems to be arriving in the morning, so we prepared for her reception.
After the Walpurgis is over, she will be staying here for three additional days.
Because I am expecting to be occupied with the preparations, I’m doubtful about whether I will have any time to play hooky, but just a little should be alright.
She seems to be looking forward to being with Veldora and Ramiris, it might be a good idea to request the others to overlook it.

Then, a question suddenly arose.
Thinking about it, Milim has always traveled by flying.
Though, since Frey is also coming here by flying it hadn’t become a question before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Milim visit via warp gate.
Perhaps, she can’t use transfer (teleportation)?
Oh well, since she is absurdly fast, with Frey’s maximum speed, the one-way trip distance can be covered in about five hours.
To be at subsonic speeds for five hours, the distance is quite far. I think that my sense of distance has become a bit odd.
No, in the case of my current senses, I guess it’s might be suitable… how complicated.
I think it’s my sense from when I was a human, though it can’t be helped. Besides, it might be normal for my subordinates.
I will ask Milim whether she is able to use teleportation or not when she arrives.
If she can’t, then first I should install a magic formation for teleportation and let her use it anytime.
Oh well, if Milim flies with all her might, she can arrive here without taking more than 30 minutes.

Well then.
Milim arrived without any problems and went over to the Walpurgis’ meeting place.
As we were waiting and relaxing by ourselves whilst enjoying a chat in the room, like the last time, Mizari and Hirari came to pick us up.

Demon Lord Rimuru-sama, for employing the “Secret Method of Evolution” on us, thank you very much!

Apparently, they completed their evolution and that’s why they had thanked me.
Though they were both bowing their heads, it really was not such a big deal. However, they might think it is because only I can use it.

N? “Secret Method of Evolution”, what’s that?

Milim seemed to be interested in the topic, however, I deceived her with cake.
Because Milim has a child-like personality, similar to Ramiris, it’s easy.
After I deceived Milim, we passed through the gate, created by Mizari, entering into the meeting hall.
My attendants are Shion and Diablo.
Milim has Frey as her chaperon.
Ramiris is sitting on Beretta’s shoulder.
At this timing, I take a look at Beretta’s abilities,

Name: Beretta
Race: Chaos Metalloid (High Rank Divine Monster Spirit)
Divine Protection: Divine Protection of the Labyrinth.
Title: Ramiris’s Guardian
Magic:Darkness Magic
Skills: Ultimate Gift
   『Machine Doll Lord Deus Ex Machina
     …Thought AccelerationCondition ControlMineral Manipulation
      Space ManipulationMultiple Barrier
            Normal Skills…Omnipotent Perception』『Demon Lord’s Haki

            Combat Skills…Law ManipulationEarth)』『Holy Demonic Fusion

Resistance:      Physical Attack Nullification, Status Change Nullification,
                        Spiritual Attack Nullification, Natural Effects Nullification, 
                        Holy-Demonic(Hybrid) Attack Resistance

Those were the results.
My oh my. He seems to be able to create minerals freely. It goes without saying though, raw materials are still needed.
An ability to manipulate elements, something like that, I guess?
Next would be his Condition Control, it is simply intriguing. The state of the mineral――no, let’s stop calling it with such troublesome wording.
Simply put, it is an ability that makes it so that he can freely manipulate metal.
He can act like a certain guy with tough liquid metal who appeared in a movie[2], such a thing could be possible.
His regular form is like that of a high-class work of art, with globe joints, kind of like a doll. However, he can freely manipulate Adamantite, so of course, he can change his figure as he pleases and bring out weapons of various shapes. Also, he seems to be able to absorb objects, like a slime, if he comes into contact with them.
He has evolved into a terrifying metal life form that is similar to a Spiritual Life form.
The doll I had made on a whim for a demon i summoned has achieved a surprising evolution.

The seven of us entered the hall, led by the guide.
Alrighty then.
Because I have business with Guy, first, I urge Milim and the others to sit down on their seats.
They seem to want to ask me a question, but they obeyed nonetheless, which helped greatly. Maybe because I said there will be cake later.
I left behind Milim and Ramiris, having Mizari lead me to Guy.

Actually, Chloe had come to meet me last night.
We were relaxing and sitting in the parlor while having a talk about the current situation.
Because I don’t need sleep, in the end we had a long conversation till the break of dawn.
I was able to slowly hear her story, of her leaping into the past, as well as about Hinata’s soul after she had parted with me.

Sensei――have I become strong?

‘Ah, you have became strong.’
Yes, Chloe is shouldering a hardship that can’t easily be described with words.
As she appreciates my consolation and words, it would be rude if I thoughtlessly said that.

Hah! You are still weak. Still not good, not good at all.
Such a thing, as showing your weaknesses to a Demon Lord, is out of the question if you are a “Hero”.
Well, I admit that you have done your best.
――Therefore, endure a bit longer.

I said as such, it was irritating that I had no choice but to put on airs to deceive her.
Chloe seemed to be happy, to be relieved, I saw her making such expressions.
Afterwards, I had a match with Chloe.
I checked out the ability of the strongest “Hero” to ascertain whether she could face Guy or not.

Two practice swords were prepared, we decided to use them.

Sensei, you became taller right? Somehow, your vibes resemble Shizu-sensei

While saying those words, Chloe received the practice sword.
Do I resemble her? Because she was the origin of my human form, I might have inherited her vibes as well.
There was no referee. It was a test of strength to the end.
I threw a coin into the air, and when it hit the ground, it would signal for the start of the match.
As we faced each other calmly, I lightly threw the coin.
The coin drew a parabola curve while rotating. It revolved in the air before falling. The coin gave a clear ‘ting’ as it hit the ground.
Chloe and I moved at the same time.

Opposing Chloe’s Ultimate SkillSpace-Time Lord Yogg-Sothothwas my Ultimate SkillVoid God Azathoth.
The match was in a stalemate, during which, I read a momentary gap in Chloe’s defense withFuture Prediction.
As I was going to swing my practice sword aiming for that, I noticed that I had become the side receiving an attack..
A blade approached right in front of my eyes.

Ehehe. It’s my win right!?

Is this for real!?
I was dumbfounded when I heard Chloe’s voice.
This is far from checking whether she can face Guy or not, it had become an easy defeat for me.

Master, the ability of Time Control has been unleashed

I use my ability as I was being led to by the voice.
Though I didn’t know what it was, I felt like I could manage, somehow, if I used it.
The world stopped when I used the ability.
I understood that the world had stop moving, like it was suspended, because my cognition had been enhanced by 1 million times.
Not just my cognition but also my movement, to the point I can move at the speed of 1 million times normal speed. In other words, by controlling the flow of time, it is possible to accelerate myself.
It is a superpower[3] that is different from super acceleration[4], in principle. Due to the backlash of this ability, I can’t cause any physical effects at all.
Being able to move under the rules of this ability was only me――no, there’s one other person who can.
That person is Chloe.

(Awawa. As expected of Rimuru-sensei! You can exist[5] in this “Suspended World”.)
(Skip it! Something like this, for a Demon Lord like me, such a thing is easy, you know!)

Although I hadn’t intended to show off, I answered like that.
I mustn’t display weakness to my student, even if she was just my student for a few months.
If compared to the months and years that Chloe has lived, it would just be a few trifling months.

――No. For me, those few months (daily lives) were a treasure surpassing everything else――

Was it an auditory hallucination?
It felt like I heard something.

My match with Chloe ended in a draw.
Chloe’s swordsmanship, that has reached the peak, is formidable indeed. I believe that, if compared with my subordinates, her skill is beyond Albert and Agera.
There will be no threats to her when she combines her swordsmanship and her time stopping ability.
The use of emission type power is impossible inside the “Suspended World”, so magic can’t be invoked. Well, I might be able to do it if I become accustomed to it, but it seems to be very difficult.
Also,Future Prediction cannot be used due to the activation of “Suspended World”.  I could only depend on pure technique and physical ability. Although, an ability that activates through touch seems to be usable.
So, if someone who is a master swordsman, like Chloe, did have such an ability, they could easily become the strongest.
Oh well, I don’t think there are many people who can move inside the “Suspended World” anyway.
Diablo, Benimaru and Zegion, only these three among my subordinates, seem likely to become able to do it.
Naturally, it is impossible for them to do under the current conditions. With some kind of chance, it is on the scale of one to ten thousand. Even though they could receive this ability as a gift, they wouldn’t be able to use it.
Chloe’s purpose might be, to let me experience “Suspended World” and see whether I could acquire it or not.
I thought all of a sudden.
If that is so, did I meet Chloe’s expectation?
Because I promised that I would, in one way or another, defeat Yuuki and free Chloe, so she doesn’t need to worry.
Defeat is not allowed. I should show it with my results.

After the match, we conversed for a little longer.
Chloe seems to have seen when Dino’s colleagues had attacked the town and had wanted to help. However, there was no need for Chloe’s help, as she told me that my followers are strong.
I’m a bit embarrassed, but I’m glad that my subordinates were praised.
We talked about such topics for a while, and in the end Chloe said this,  

Sensei. When the Great War begins, I will challenge Demon Lord Guy Crimson for a match.
The order given to me is to stop Guy.
So, if Demon Lord Guy Crimson doesn’t participate in the Great War, there will be no need to fight an unnecessary battle.
If it’s possible, with Sensei’s persuasion, please somehow stop Guy.
As I will be looking for the way to remove the curse, somehow――
Ok. Guy is unexpectedly a reasonable guy, I will talk to him and try to get his consent.
You seem to get along with Leon, you should ask for his help as well.
Okay! I’m going to go meet Leon Onii-chan then.
Oh. Then, take care~

As I say so, I pat Chloe’s head.


Chloe laughed and smiled happily, then she lifted her head after she bowed to me.
Her expression was dignified and tense, there was none of the childishness that she had shown but a moment ago.

Well then, Sensei….. May fortune be with you in war!

Leaving those words behind, Chloe left.


I met Guy,

That’s why, just a bit more, until Chloe’s release!

And I emphasized that.
What kind of reaction will i get from Guy? I wonder.
However, I am not concerned.
Chloe’s release is the most important thing to me, Guy’s circumstances don’t matter to me.
Chloe is extremely strong, but Guy is just as strong. Honestly, no one can imagine what is going to happen if those two fight each other.
After all, both of them seem to have concealed their true strength.

You also, so suddenly…… However, I understand the story.
 If it’s the “Hero”, there is no lack for an opponent.
Moreover, she is the strongest among the awakened Heroes who's been called names like “The Nameless Hero”  and “Jet Black Hero”.
However, she is the person Leon was searching for as well as Ruminas’ loved one, what a small world right?…..
Oh well. I will at least accompany her in this farce. She is an adequate opponent.
If it is such a situation, it is a foolish action to be exhausted at this point.

Unexpectedly, Guy agreed to it easily.
He seems to feel a bit indebted to me since I awakened his subordinates last time.
No….. he might just be looking forward to his fight with Chloe.
Although, I don’t think that there will be any problem for Chloe’s safety, as I got both of their consent to not use all of their power and keep it down to the degree of a skirmish….. I am still a little worried.
Guy is a battle maniac as well, it would be good if it doesn’t become a serious and fired up battle.
Such matters, I will let nature take its course.

However, I am glad that I have a good relationship with Guy.
Because it used to be common sense that fellow Demon Lords don’t get along, Yuuki hasn’t seemed to notice that we are making connections in the back.
If he knew, the order he gave to Chloe would be different.
Oh well, although Dino knows it, to some degree, I’m sure he didn’t hear the whole story of when Guy came here.
He has leaked something along the lines of Milim coming to play.
About Ruminas coming to the research facility, so he might have figured out the cooperation between me and Ruminas.
However, as I refrained from contacting Leon, I don’t think that Dino noticed our alliance.
Dino is not a hard worker, because of that, he is trustworthy in the things that he doesn’t know.
Thinking that I and Guy are not close, I believe that his objective will be to strike down both Guy and Chloe.
No, if I think about it, in contrast to Yuuki, either result might be good for Angra Mainyu.
If his aim is to take them down together, he would order Chloe to fight to the death, instead the instruction is only to keep Guy busy, his main purpose might be to make a situation where Guy can’t participate in the war?

I believe his main purpose is to decrease the degree of his ruling influence.
If he strengthens his control over Chloe, it will become impossible for him to let out all of  his ability.
You can think of it as this; by giving a loose order to Chloe, the ruling influence will be lost.
The current Angra Mainyu (Yuuki) is in the condition to use 100% of his power.
And there’s another.
While the purpose of Yuuki and Angra Mainyuu are the same, the methods they use are completely different.

I see.
In other words, he judged that it is more strategic and meaningful to use Chloe loosely, so that he can fight with all of his power.
Certainly, when using the strongest yet complicated force, it can’t be helped that he would try to keep it close at hand.
It’s about how to use that fighting potential.
If it was Yuuki, he would not be able to effectively utilize it. But Angra Mainyu would make sure to use everything.
――It looks like it’s going to be tough.
He is pretentious, like Yuuki, the type that doesn’t take detours.
For his goal, he will make the optimal operation. Such an opponent is very troublesome.
I must brace myself so that I can handle it carefully.

Having finished my negotiations with Guy, we returned to the meeting hall.
All of the members are already present at the round table except for me and Guy.
No, wait, Dino isn’t here. In a sense, he’d be a big shot if he did come.
The meeting began the instant Guy sat down in his seat.
First of all, a status report from me. I distributed the document which I had made, and showed them the analysis of the war with the empire.
At the same time, I declared that the Empire’s territory has become my territory, for which I received each of the other Demon Lords’ approval.
Usually, interruptions will come at this point and it would become a quarrel, which was the common pattern.
However, for this time, no one objected and so I got the territory with a one-sided game (one-sided landslide victory).
I’m not in a situation where I’m weak and could be beaten.
Rather I got a lot stronger and haven’t weakened whatsoever.
Anyway, I believe that there isn’t anyone who would complain against me among the current Demon Lords.
They didn’t oppose my interest as there is no merit in being hostile against me.
And so, the war report was finished and we moved into the explanation of the current flow of the situation.
After I finished a general explanation,

Did Dino betray us?……

Dagruel murmured in a small voice.
Guy was not surprised as he seems to have had some presumption on it. But one might need to think from Dagruel’s perceptive, as he was close to Dino.

Rather than betraying us, it seems he was on the other side from the beginning.
I mean, I get the feeling that he would be close to a guy with a laid back personality, like Yuuki.

With my nonchalant words, Dagruel and Guy stopped moving.

That’s right. That guy (Dino), what’s he so frolic about, he came to kill me, you see!
He said some reason that I didn’t understand, like how I became an obstacle for that person or something, it seemed to be an old acquaintance of his.

Ramiris supplemented my words, and it seems to be the clincher.

No way.

Guy mutters,

It’s impossible. But maybe……

Dagruel was thinking about something with a difficult face.
It seems something is bothering him.

After that, the meeting progressed without a hitch.
Guy stays put, as he promised me.
However, he entrusted everything to his subordinate Mizari, preparing so that she can deal with anything that may happen.
Hirari will devoted herself as Guy’s personal bodyguard, to provide for any contingency. Because the prideful Guy would never arrange it, it is probably her own decision.
By evolving, Mizari and Hirari have likely begun to moved by their own free will to a greater extent.
Ruminas will be maintaining the status quo.
As she had prepared armaments in preparation for the Empire’s invasion and was ready to go to the war, I asked her to maintain her current state.
We should be cautious, since it is uncertain when the army of angels will strike.
Since Angra Mainyu’s purpose is world annihilation, he will not hesitate to invade the western countries.
Both Leon and Dagruel each possess their own army.
In the case of Milim, Karion is in the middle of organizing the newly created army.
Of course, as is appropriate for the name of Demon Lord, the army didn’t seem to miss any combat training even during peacetime.
It is the proper duty for a Demon Lord to protect their domain.
So they will defend their own territory. Because humans can’t live in the territory ruled by Guy, it has nothing to do with the current situation, so his land is unrelated.
Certainly, there shouldn’t be any problems even if I didn’t move.
However, Guy’s subordinates will actually be the defense of the western countries as a reserve force under Mizari’s command.
Having misread the relations between us, Angra Mainyu’s calculation would go amiss. It could be said that this is thanks to Dino, with his irresponsible investigation.
With that, I don’t think the situation is bad.
Next, it would be great if the enemy forces doesn’t become more powerful than our expectations......
Oh well, making preparations for such a situation is the main reason of today’s conference.
We adjusted our plans so that we can smoothly perform a mutual cooperative system and made some detailed arrangements.

The conference was finished just like that, without any problem.
Each of us were preparing for the decisive battle with the angel army and we will immediately contact each other in case of an emergency.
If it is possible, we arranged an agreement to help when we can, and it had become a significant matter.

In case of emergency, it seems I needed to visit Milim’s country and Dagruel’s country.
I installed the magic formations for teleportation, I want to make sure I can come and go.
In the end, after the conference, I had Mizari take me to various places and recorded the location information.
At that time, I confirmed that Milim and Dagruel are unable to use teleportation. Of course, Ramiris too.

Well, I’m no good at such things.
Me too, I hate doing such troublesome and detailed calculations.
Rather, it’s alright if I can fly!

Certainly, the magic of the teleportation series can only jump to the point of a predestined location.
If there is the image of the present location and the destination it is possible for the Spatial Transfer (Teleport) series, but there’s still a need to calculate the correlation of the positional information correctly.
It seems to be easy, but it’s an unexpectedly difficult skill.
As for Milim, she is someone who acts instinctively with her inborn intuition, however, she seems to be weak at deliberate calculation.
Dagruel is obviously a muscle brain. As for Ramiris, oh well you know.
It might be considerably useful to construct facilities for teleportation usage.
Using this opportunity, I got the approval for my plan to install the teleportation magic formations at their places.
At the parting,

I entrust Chloe to you

I was reminded as such by Leon.
Not saying anything, I nod to say “leave it to me”.
Leon seems to have understood, he returned a nod and left.
As usual, it’s a secret that I thought he’s a pompous, attractive man.

Thus, receiving the information beforehand, though the preparation period is short, there was approximately 3-4 weeks of time.
The Demon Lords return to their territories and began to prepare for the Great War.

[1] A Custom popular in Ancient World and in modern East Asia Countries, where instead of a hand signature, people gave their seal to mark documents.
[2] *dum*dum*dum*dum*dum* Insert Terminator theme*
[3] 超能力 Chounouryoku, super power or the more used term for it are ESP,  supernatural power.
[4] Like flash step and the like. Those accelerate the speed of the user, while Rimuru's (Chloe's) ability is stoping the time.
[5] Also can be interpreted as move, enter.


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      5) Slothful King Belphegor - Dino
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